June 3, 2023

The Jochi-ihiga Shrine is considered one of a couple of shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that demanding situations avid gamers to resolve the puzzle Out of doors moderately within the shrine than inside of. Referred to as the Raurus Blessing Shrines, those shrines require the participant to search out a big inexperienced crystal and produce it to a particular location the place the shrine will probably be published.

As soon as Hyperlink has reached this location with the crystal, guided via a beam of inexperienced mild it emits, he can input the shrine and obtain the Gentle of Blessing praise. Right here you’re going to to find each the Jochi-ihiga Shrine and the fairway crystal required for the answer The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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The place to search out Jochi-ihiga Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Jochi-ihiga Shrine is a shrine of blessings of Rauru, situated within the Akkala Highlands area at Coordinates 3809, 1218, 0090, close to the Akkala Falls. Then again, the important thing to fixing the thriller of this shrine lies within the northeast, within the village Tarreytown. Right here the participant will to find the fairway crystal they wish to acquire get right of entry to to the shrine. Then again, transportation to the vacation spot has a price and calls for some effort.

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Jochi-ihiga Shrine Walkthrough (Raurus Blessing)

To resolve the Jochi-ihiga Shrine thriller, the participant will have to shuttle to Tarrey The city, the preferred agreement the place Hyperlink co-founded breath of the wild. There’s a land bridge that may be crossed to get into the city Coordinates 4198, 1617, 0141or they are able to paraglide into the city from the close by Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower Coordinates 3493, 2019, 0188.

As soon as the participant has reached Tarrey The city, they will have to hunt down Hagie, a Hylian guy who is a part of some other vital quest, Mattison’s Independence. Hagie stands close to a railcar monitor and in entrance of a giant inexperienced crystal Coordinates 3921, 1599, 0128.

When the participant talks to Hagie, he’ll be offering Hyperlink to promote the crystal for 100 rupees. The participant will have to haggle with Hagie till his spouse displays up, then he should buy the crystal for handiest 50 rupees. As soon as Hyperlink is the proud new proprietor of a big inexperienced rock, he will have to convey it safely to Jochi-ihiga Shrine.

If the participant has now not already carried out so, they will have to talk to Hagie once more to buy get right of entry to to make use of the railcar that runs between Tarrey The city and the Hudson development website. Powered via Zonai gadgets, the railcar will play the most important function in transporting the crystal out of Tarrey The city and on its solution to its ultimate vacation spot.

The participant will have to then pick out up the stone, and then a steering message will seem and the stone will emit a inexperienced beam pointing to the Jochi-ihiga Shrine goal. This means the site Hyperlink will have to take the crystal to, and to get there he will have to depend on his flexible Ultrahand talent.

If the railcar hasn’t arrived, communicate to Hagie. He returns the 20 rupees to the participant and calls the cart. Fuse the crystal to the railcar with Ultrahand, then clutch the Zonai Battery close to Hagie and fuse it to the crystal so avid gamers do not lose anything else at the experience down. The positioning of the crystal at the automobile can also be irritating. So be certain it is positioned in some way that avid gamers do not create an excessive amount of weight imbalance at the platform.

As soon as the wagon reaches the Hudson development website, the participant will uncover a number of Zonai batteries and gadgets to help of their adventure. There is even a Zonai Machine Dispenser close by, however there is greater than sufficient loose units across the camp to get to the shrine with out a lot bother.

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There are a couple of gadgets which can be appropriate for propulsion, but when the encircling water offers a clue, the participant can depend on it Zonai enthusiasts. The participant will have to clutch a minimum of two of the close by Zonai enthusiasts and a brand new Zonai battery if wanted, and connect them to the fairway crystal for simple portability.

Pick out up the merged stack of things and practice the fairway beam till you achieve a flat seaside. The beam extends around the water, so Hyperlink will have to assemble a tool to proceed the remainder of the way in which. He can both acquire a close-by Zonai Glider or chop down timber for logs bring together a raft.

Connect the enthusiasts, battery, and crystal to the raft, then use the Ultrahand to hold it down the seaside till the beam is pointing on the shrine and not anything is in the way in which. If you get up to now, put the raft within the water, turn on the enthusiasts and sail to Jochi-ihiga Shrine.

As soon as the participant reaches the shrine, bounce off the raft and in moderation detach the fairway crystal. Position the fairway crystal close to the shrine. This may turn on a cutscene that grants you get right of entry to to Jochi-ihiga Shrine. The participant can then input the shrine and obtain a chest containing a diamond and its well-merited mild of blessing.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had at the Nintendo Transfer.

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