June 3, 2023

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces quite a lot of mechanics that had been lacking in breath of the wild, together with the facility to transport sand. Then again, this doesn’t paintings at the sands that quilt the Gerudo Wasteland. There are notable piles of sand scattered across the house, be it at the floor, in caves, or in shrines that Hyperlink can transfer round to discover secrets and techniques.

The sport offers hints on how to take away the sand piles, however does not without delay inform the gamers do it. And as so steadily with Tears of the Kingdom, there are a selection of various techniques to do that. Nintendo is pushing gamers in the appropriate path right here and there, and there is a direct option to transparent the ones sand piles.

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The place gamers stumble upon sand piles

Link looks at a pile of sand in the shrine

The Gerudo Wasteland is clearly the principle location the place gamers will in finding miles of sand piles in Hyrule, however the sand piles are in particular present in shrines and the Temple of Illumination. Gamers will most likely stumble upon piles of sand first within the Soryotanog Shrine above the city of Gerudo. Right here Hyperlink is faced with piles of sand and a Zonai fan sitting in entrance of it. Different piles of sand within the shrine include hidden treasure items and different units that may assist Hyperlink resolve the puzzle.

This theme continues within the Temple of Lightning, the place piles of sand disguise all kinds of issues, together with chests, pieces, switches, or even enemies. Now and again the ones sand piles do not disguise the rest, however it is price eliminating all of the sand to verify Hyperlink does not leave out the rest of price.

That is the way you do away with piles of sand

Connect broaching sand to fan

Within the Soryotanog Shrine, the Zonai fan signifies that it might be used to blow away the sand. Then again, gamers will have to make sure that Hyperlink could be very just about the stack. in a different way it does not transfer. Every other Guster weapon is excellent for sand removing, reminiscent of fusing a board with a work of picket to create a Board Guster.

Extra piles of sand can also be present in the name of the game passage between the Gerudo the city safe haven and the northern ruins referred to as the Valley of the Silent Statues. The similar strategies can be utilized within the Temple of Lightning, however there are different fabrics mendacity round for Hyperlink, together with Korok Frond. At this level, if gamers have already finished the Tulin from Rito Village primary quest, they are able to additionally use Tulin’s smart talent to blow sand away.

The most efficient guns for clearing piles of sand

Link with Fan Guster

If Hyperlink has a Korok Frond at hand, gamers can fuse it right into a one-handed weapon to create the Korok Frond Guster. The similar can also be performed with a wood board and a one-handed weapon, making a Board Guster that achieves the similar impact. Gamers too can fuse a Zonai Fan to a weapon to create a Fan Guster and fuse the software to a protect.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now to be had for Nintendo Transfer.

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