June 3, 2023

The Lightscale Trident is one in all 4 champion guns featured in each breath of the wild and now its sequel Tears of the Kingdom utilized by the former champions (and now sages) of that generation. Urbosa used the Scimitar of the Seven, Daruk used the Rock Crusher, Revali used the Nice Eagle Bow, and Mipha used the Lightscale Trident.

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Now in Tears of the KingdomThose guns are utilized by their descendants Riju, Yunobo, Tulin, and Sidon. Then again, Hyperlink can actually have a “reproduction” of those guns made for himself. So let’s talk about precisely how avid gamers must move about getting the Lightscale Trident.

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Catch up with Sidon and blank up Zora’s area

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Sidon Being Sidon

First, avid gamers should first blank up Zora’s area with the assistance of Sidon one of the crucial 4 “regional phenomena” Purah requested Hyperlink to analyze this in Hyrule. Cleansing the area contains the next:

  • To find Sidon and contact him.
  • Assembly his fiancee Yona.
  • To find the king and get some scales from him.
  • Clear up the fish puzzle within the land of heaven.
  • Discover the traditional Zora Water Works to create a waterfall trail to the sky the usage of the Zora armor.
  • Combat in the course of the Water Temple along Sidon.
  • Defeat the Mucktorock with Sidon and let him declare his name of Sage of Water.
  • Settle for his vow to combat along Hyperlink and go back to a (now blank) Zora area to finish the primary tale quest “Sidon the Zora”.

In spite of everything of those duties are finished and Zora’s area is again to the transparent water oasis it as soon as used to be, avid gamers can achieve this Cross to the room at the back of the overall retailer to speak to Dentothe blacksmith who made the lightscale trident BotWand ask him to revamp the lightscale trident yet again.

Communicate to Dento at the back of the overall retailer

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Dento mentions that he will need a Zora Spear

As soon as avid gamers have spoken to Dento and began his Glory of Zora aspect quest, this Zora Blacksmith will undergo all of the knowledge wanted similar to: B. the truth that he can redesign the trident, what he must do it and the way the weapon in fact works. This, in fact, is identical trident utilized by Mipha and now Sidon. It’ll price Hyperlink some treasured sources to get one in all his personal. Particular, Dento calls for 3 Diamonds, 5 Flint, and a Customary or Decayed Zora Spear.

Collect the essential fabrics

Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - Dento lists the materials needed to craft a Lightscale Trident

After chatting with Dento, Hyperlink now has his buying groceries listing of the fabrics had to craft this well-known spear. Additionally it is price bringing up that that is mainly the listing of fabrics had to craft all champion guns in each and every area, except for changing the Zora Spear with any regional weapon variant in that zone and including 2 extra diamonds for Gerudo’s Scimitar of the Seven. Anyway, how must avid gamers move about getting these things?


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Put a diamond on an arrow to exploit the duplication bug

Neatly, relying on how early within the sport avid gamers move to Zora’s area (for some reason why many avid gamers generally tend to move right here first), 3 diamonds might be somewhat a problem. In fact, given the duplication trojan horse within the sport at the moment, it is simple to “make” 3 diamonds. However for individuals who (understandably) do not wish to use exploits, there are different ways to get diamonds rapid:

  • Use Sensor+ And Satori’s cherry blossom timber to seek ore deposits and uncommon ore deposits in caves and within the Eldin Mountains.
  • Feed Dondons Sparkling stones in Bronas Wooded area and are available again someday later to peer in the event that they “grew to become” them into diamonds.
  • Hunt and defeat a number of talus to peer in the event that they drop diamonds on loss of life.
  • Search for the precise shrine chests and aspect quest rewards that deliver diamonds.


Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - image of a regular and a rare ore deposit

For the following required subject matter, Flint, avid gamers must in all probability have already got between 30 and 99+ Flint when talking with Dento. Flint is absurdly simple to obtain Tears of the Kingdomafter all. All avid gamers want to do to get Flint is concentrate when trying to find diamonds in ore deposits.

There may be a virtually 100% likelihood they’ll to find the 5 flints they want through breaking apart at maximum 10 ore deposits. Flint, Amber, and Rock Salt are the 3 maximum commonplace drops from those deposits, so that is through a ways the quickest (and absolute best) subject matter to collect.

Zora spear

Discovering a Zora Spear falls someplace in between diamonds and flint in terms of how tough it’s to get. Similar to all regional guns like Scimitars within the Gerudo Desolate tract or Cobble Crushers close to Dying Mountain, those guns can also be discovered randomly within the chests of defeated Like Likes within the house, within the palms of random enemies within the house, or in chests in enemies Camp. The very best means of all is to easily move to one of the crucial caves within the Zora’s Area house, similar to Highland Zorana Summit Cave or the Ploymus mountain cave and go searching it for enemies and likes. The Tabahl Woods Caveas an example, incorporates completely two likes that may be farmed (with a blood moon between kills) to acquire Zora Spears.

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Choice, Save earlier than killing those likes, then reload if the Zora spear is not within the chest Additionally works because the insides of those chests are totally random and can most likely fluctuate with each and every reload.

Craft the trident and discover ways to substitute it if wanted

Now that Hyperlink has all of the fabrics he wishes, it is time to go back to Dento and feature him craft this weapon of champions. As soon as it is crafted and Hyperlink has it in his palms, Dento will move into the main points of ways there can best be one after the other, requiring Hyperlink to damage his present one earlier than a brand new one can also be crafted. Moreover, if it breaks, avid gamers will want to deliver the similar fabrics to Dento once more (3 Diamonds, 5 Flints and a Zora Spear) to redo it.

Or skip the reforging procedure and simply use the Rock Octoroks

Thankfully, there may be every other means of repairing the lightscale trident than breaking it and rebuilding it. This is not essentially “meant” through the builders, however it is a method that totally works throughout the obstacles of the techniques they are construction.

Within the Eldin Mountains there’s a subspecies of octorock known as rock octorocks. These items conceal themselves as…smartly…rocks and pa out of the bottom when Hyperlink is not looking to release projectiles at him. Then again, if Hyperlink puts a typically broken weapon or defend at the flooring close to the Rock Octorok after which walks away along with his again to him, the Octorok will suck it up, some glittering results will seem round him, and he’s going to then fireplace the weapon totally repaired at hyperlink.

Then again, this best works with common guns and isn’t designed for use with variant guns just like the White Sword of Heaven or the lightscale trident. Then again, if avid gamers merely fuse those guns with any usual defend after which discard that fused defend in entrance of the Octorock, it is going to restore each the weapon fused with it (without reference to weapon rarity) and the defend when it spits it out once more.

After this complete procedure is finished, avid gamers simply want to rapid commute Tarreytown and move to {the teenager} Goron subsequent to the overall retailer known as Pelison. Pelison does something: he disassembles fused pieces for the low value of 20 rupees. And now avid gamers have of their palms a completely repaired Lightscale Trident that best took just a little time and 20 rupees to finish.

Is the Lightscale Trident price all of the bother?

And after all, in the end this paintings, time and effort, Is the Lightscale Trident even price it? Sure completely. Extra so than another champion weapon (except for possibly the Scimitar of the Seven with the Sturdy fusion assets), the lightscale trident is rock forged below the fitting instances.

Via default, that is best the case 22 assault energy, however that is best the case below commonplace instances. Because it seems, the Lightscale Trident has the similar factor distinctive assets virtually all Zora guns have known as water warriors. With this trait, the Lightscale Trident’s assault energy actually doubles whilst Hyperlink is “rainy”, and that comes with the assault energy he has after fusing with every other weapon/subject matter.

For instance, a Molduga Pine fused with the Lightscale Trident grants a Energy of 54 when dry, which is lovely decent. Then again, when rainy, that equates to 108 assault energy with, of all issues, a spear, one of the crucial quickest hitting weapon varieties within the sport. And to best it off, the Lightscale Trident turns out to have lovely top sturdiness too. Nonetheless, the truth that Hyperlink needs to be dripping with water for this buff to be energetic is lovely foolish or tough to make use of, is not it? If truth be told, Sidon himself makes this entire procedure lovely simple.

Small spoilers upfront: I do not wish to get too a ways into “spoiler territory,” however finishing the Zora Area major tale questline unlocks Sidon’s avatar for Hyperlink, which surrounds Hyperlink with water when interacting. Hyperlink can then “fireplace” the water ahead through swinging his weapon, or grasp the water bubble round him to take a unmarried hit free of charge whilst it is energetic.

The essential issue, alternatively, is that when the usage of this energy as soon as, Hyperlink has the Rainy standing energetic for approximately a minute and a part (as evidenced through the consistent dripping of water from his garments). That is greater than sufficient time to kill no matter Hyperlink is combating, and despite the fact that time runs out mid-fight, Hyperlink best has to have interaction with Sidon’s avatar yet another time to reset the period. This all signifies that making an investment within the Lightscale Trident is basically definitely worth the funding and can proceed to be price it even after Nintendo most likely fixes the Rock Octorok workaround and the Duplication Glitch.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom used to be launched on Might 12, 2023 and is to be had solely at the Nintendo Transfer.

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