June 6, 2023

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the sport that assists in keeping giving. Along with the Sky Isles and all of Hyrule, avid gamers can now discover a atypical new space known as the Deeps, the darkish, foreboding underworld of Hyrule. Within the depths, the participant will stumble upon mysterious blue flames known as Poes and much more mysterious Bargainer statues. This is the entirety the participant must learn about those atypical creatures Tears of the Kingdomtogether with all of the places of the Bargainer statues, what they do and easy methods to get Poes.

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What and the place are Poes in Tears of the Kingdom?

Totk tears of kingdom poetry

Poes are the ones blue, refined flames present in abundance within the depths, continuously in clusters. The sport does not give an explanation for rather well what they’re in the beginning, however because the Bargainer statue explains in Lookout Touchdown, Poes are in truth misplaced spirits who wish to go back to the afterlife. The Depths are plagued by them, making them extremely simple to farm and acquire. There also are Grand Poes, that are similar to 20 common Poes, and Huge Poes, that are similar to 5.

What to do with Poes in Tears of the Kingdom

Poes function foreign money to be spent at Bargainer Statues, mysterious statues that basically are living within the Deeps. Those statues will take Poes in alternate for treasured pieces just like the Depths armor set, which grants resistance to darkness.

Bargainer Statue Rewards

The Bargainer statues be offering quite a lot of rewards in alternate for Poes. It will have to be famous that the majority if now not the entire Bargainer statues will have to be discovered to finish the units, as they mix their powers with each and every discovery.

  • Darkish Lump: 10 Poes
  • Litter Bud: 16 Poes
  • Puffed Mushroom: 16 Poes
  • bomb flower: 16 Poes
  • Darkish Tunic: 150 Poes
  • Darkish pants: 150 Poes
  • Hood of the Depths: 300 Poes
  • Tunic of the Depths: 150 Poes
  • Leggings of the Depths: 200 Poes

All places of the Bargainer statue

Totk Tears of the Kingdom Locations Negotiation Statue
Map created with the ZeldaDungeon interactive map

There are seven Bargainer statues in general, one at the floor and 6 within the depths. Take a look at this information for more info on easy methods to in finding the Bargainer statues.

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Vantage Level Touchdown

The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - First Bargainer statue on the map at Lookout Landing

  • Coordinates: 0317, -1097, 0009

That is most probably the primary Bargainer statue avid gamers will stumble upon. She’s in the similar tent as Robbie and Josha (when they go back from the depths) and issues out that there are extra Bargainer statues to be discovered. For same old pieces that do not require more than one Bargainer statues to craft, that is the very best use.

Supply of the Energy Negotiation Statue

The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - Source of Power location on the map Bargainer Statue

  • Coordinates: 3711, 2594, -0412

The supply of the Energy Discount is absolute best accessed by means of the chasm of the japanese Akkala Plains, north of the Akinatanis Lightroot. Avid gamers can stick a pin within the supply of energy at the floor to get an concept of ​​the place this Bargainer statue is situated within the depths.

Fountain of Knowledge – Discount Statue

The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - Fountain of Wisdom Bargainer statue on the map

  • Coordinates: 3851, -1332, -0858

This statue is reasonably simple to succeed in and notice because it stands on stage flooring. This can be a brief power northeast of Usukaz Lightroot adjoining to the Lanayru Canyon Mine and is absolute best accessed by means of the Naydra Snowfield Chasm.

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Fountain of Braveness negotiator statue.

The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - Source of the Courage Bargainer statue on the map

  • Coordinates 0884, 2404, -0393

There’s a little bit of hiking to get to the Courageous Discount Hunter’s Neatly, however there are some ledges at the partitions to regain stamina alongside the way in which. It’s best accessed via descending into the Baumer Chasm hills, discovering the Muokuji Lightroot to the east, going south from there and scaling the wall.

Cliff Bargainer statue

The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - Cliff Bargainer statue location on the map

  • Coordinates: -1011, 2689, 0624

The Cliff Bargainer statue is among the toughest statues to succeed in and would require numerous stamina as it is on a cliff, as you would be expecting. Head north from Uoyoyuik Lightroot to succeed in the above coordinates and get started hiking.

Plains Bargainer statue

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - Talking To The Plains Bargainer Statue

  • Coordinates: 0450, -0802, -0471

This may be at the flooring flooring and should not be too tricky to search out. Northeast of the Nice Deserted Central Mines, avid gamers will in finding Stakijat Lightroot, and going north from there will have to take you instantly to the statue.

Huge deserted Central Mines Bargainer statue

The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - location of the abandoned central mine on the map

  • Coordinates: -0780, -1902, -0565

Down on the northern tip of the Nice Deserted Central Mines (the place avid gamers can use the autobuild characteristic) is the Nice Deserted Central Mines Bargainer statue. This includes a at hand speedy commute level within the type of the mine itself, however calls for a quest to completely arrange.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had at the Nintendo Transfer.

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