June 3, 2023

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdommany acquainted cooking fabrics and substances from breath of the wild have made a comeback. Amongst them is Goron Spice, a favourite of the rock-eating Gorons. Even supposing it might now and again be present in chests or as a quest praise, buying it from one among two distributors is essentially the most dependable solution to download Goron Spice. Right here Hyperlink can to find and purchase the cooking aspect Goron Spice Tears of the Kingdom.

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The place to get Goron Spice in Tears of the Kingdom

To be able to gain Goron Spice, Hyperlink will have to prompt Goron Town, situated west of Dying Mountain and north of Goron Scorching Springs. An effective method to achieve Goron Town is to temporarily shuttle to the within reach Skyview Tower of the Thyphlo Ruins as soon as it is unlocked and slide southeast.

Hyperlink too can spot a number of shrines close to Goron Town. The nearest is Marakuguc Shrine, which is a smart rapid shuttle level to go back to the town. Finishing Sitsum Shrine or Timawak Shrine additionally provides him a handy method to go back to the town.


As soon as Hyperlink arrives in Goron Town, he will have to head there Tanko’s Normal Retaileris situated Coordinates 1675, 2458, 0384 and marked by means of an icon at the global map. Right here he can purchase bottles of Goron Spice 16 rubies each and every. There aren’t any necessities or quests required to buy the spice. He can simply cross to the shop and do his buying groceries.

Be aware that the shop most effective shares 3 bottles of Goron Spice at a time. Alternatively, gamers can simply refill the shop’s stock by means of leaving the city, sound asleep till tomorrow, after which returning to the shop. This will likely ensure that Hyperlink has sufficient Goron Spice to be had for more than a few cooking recipes.

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Along with Tanko’s Normal Retailer in Goron Town, Goron Spice will also be bought from a Touring service provider named Yammo. Yammo can also be discovered at the street between the New Serenne and Tabantha Bridge Stables. To achieve the Tabantha Bridge Strong, head west from Hyrule Ridge till you achieve a bridge spanning a chasm. Take into account that discovering Yammo can also be tricky since she is a touring dealer. Subsequently, for essentially the most dependable and handy method to shop for Goron Spice, it is strongly recommended to discuss with Goron Town.

What’s Goron Spice used for in Tears of the Kingdom?

Goron Spice turns into particularly helpful for gamers all over the Train Me a Lesson aspect quest, the place they’ve to arrange the monster curry dish. Even supposing Goron Spice is broadly utilized in more than a few cooking recipes, particularly more than a few curry dishes, it does now not impart any particular houses to the completed dish. Listed here are a couple of helpful recipes Hyperlink could make with Goron Spice Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Monster Curry: Monster Extract, Hylian Rice, Goron Spice
  • Darkish Curry: Darkish Lump, Hylian Rice, Goron Spice
  • Invigorating Crab Skillet: Gentle-Eyed Crab, Goron Spice

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had at the Nintendo Transfer.

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