June 3, 2023

Throughout his adventure thru Hyrule The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hyperlink receives a number of hints that each one isn’t smartly with Lurelin Village. Gamers acquainted with breath of the wild Lurelin Village can be remembered as a colourful coastal neighborhood in southeast Hyrule identified for its fish. It comes as relatively a surprise to listen to that pirates have raided the village of Lurelin. As soon as Hyperlink arrives in Lurelin Village, avid gamers can take the next steps to revive it to its former glory Tears of the Kingdom.

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The best way to release the Lurelin Village Recovery Mission quest

Lurelin Village Monster Forces totk

To release Lurelin Village Recovery, avid gamers will have to first entire the Ruffian-Infested Village quest. This quest is a rather simple battle quest that comes to getting rid of the monsters that destroyed the village. So long as Hyperlink is easily provided with defense-boosting and hearty meals, riding the monsters away must be a protracted however simple activity.

Ensure to try the smartly north of Lurelin Village, as there is a bokoblin hiding there. As soon as the duty is entire and the monster powers well being bar drops to 0, a cutscene will cause, symbolizing the top of Lurelin’s terror and Bolson’s choice to rebuild the village with the assistance of Hyperlink.

Lurelin Village Segment 1 Recovery Mission Walkthrough

Lurelin Village Quest Totk Tears of the Kingdom

The very first thing Bolson wishes from Hyperlink is twenty Hylian rice and fifteen logs. Then again, they can’t come from palm timber. That may be too simple. Bolson leads Hyperlink to a patch of tree north of the village that is nearly subsequent to the Sifumin Shrine for simple rapid shuttle. As soon as Bolson has either one of the desired fabrics, segment two can start.

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The best way to delivery logs to the seaside

Lurelin Village Quest totk

The logs Bolson wishes are complete logs, now not simply bundles of picket. To try this, Hyperlink must chop down the timber Bolson identified (maximum successfully with an awl) and use Ultrahand to select them up and delivery them to the seaside. For additonal potency, Hyperlink can merge the logs and obtain them as a package deal.

If that proves too tricky, Bolson does not want the entire logs without delay. Hyperlink can take a number of journeys to the seaside with the logs. Chatting with Bolson will transparent the seaside of logs and upload them to the overall that Bolson has.

The place to search out Hylian rice

Link explores Beedle's wares in Tears of the Kingdom.

Hylian Rice is surprisingly relatively exhausting to search out Tears of the Kingdom. Probably the most dependable assets for Hylian Rice are distributors:

  • Zora’s Area Basic Retailer
  • Lookout Touchdown Basic Retailer
  • Cooking Element Store in Gerudo The city (handiest to be had after finishing the Gerudo degree of “Regional Phenomenon”)
  • Hateno Village Basic Retailer
  • beedle

There may be a possibility for Hylian Rice to drop when clearing fields of tall grass.

Walkthrough of the second one segment of the Lurelin Village Recovery Mission

Lurelin Village Bolson phase two tears of the kingdom

Segment two of the challenge is concerning the palm timber that Hyperlink could not contact in segment one. On this phase, Hyperlink will have to supply enhance for the homes and amenities destroyed within the pirate assault. Those can also be achieved in any order.

Recovery of the inn

Totk Tears of the Kingdom Inn Fix

With the intention to repair the inn, Hyperlink will have to use Ultrahand at the rubbish throughout the pirate ship-shaped development to transparent it for Bolson. Melting the rubbish in combination and taking it out complete can save time right here, particularly with the pipes within the decrease a part of the deliver. As soon as that is achieved, Bolson can repair the inn.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom of Inn Reward

The innkeeper then returns from Gerudo The city and offers Hyperlink 5 Volt End result as a praise. Hyperlink can now additionally use the inn free of charge.

Recovery of the eating place

Totk Tears of the Kingdom Restaurant Log

The recovery of the eating place calls for a couple of steps. The participant will have to transparent the crates underneath the outlet within the deliver the place Bolson needs to position a instantly palm tree trunk.

Any palm will paintings, so long as it isn’t some of the extremely versatile ones. As soon as that is reduce down, maneuver the palm trunk into the middle hollow with Ultrahand and Bolson can repair it.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom restaurant reward

Once they go back to the eating place and in finding that the issue is resolved, the circle of relatives that owns the eating place rewards Hyperlink with one Powerful Seafood Fried Rice and loose use in their eating place.

Recovery of the Fortunate Treasure Store

Totk Tears of the Kingdom Lucky Treasure Fix

The Fortunate Treasure Store answer is any other palm tree for enhance, however this is a little more tricky because of the peak. Gamers having bother putting the log can use Ultrahand to carry it within the air for a minimum of 5 seconds, stand at the circle of picket, use Recall at the log, and Ultrahand grasp it once more from a better spot. As soon as that is achieved, Bolson can repair the shop.

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Totk Tears of Kingdom, Lucky Treasure, Reward

The Fortunate Treasure Store proprietor will come again and praise Hyperlink with 5 Bomb Flora. Hyperlink can now use the Fortunate Treasure Store to earn monster portions for crafting elixirs and fusion guns.

Recovery of the village leader’s space

The village leader’s home is fairly simple to revive because it calls for any other instantly palm trunk. Minimize a instantly palm trunk and stick it within the hollow with the Ultrahand for Bolson to mend.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom Village Head House reward

The praise for repairing the village headman’s home is 3 Armored Porgywhich can be utilized for immune-boosting meals.

Recovery of the deficient space

The home of Armes additionally wishes a instantly palm tree for enhance. Minimize one off, stick it within the hollow with the Ultrahand and Bolson can repair it.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom Arms House reward

Armes rewards the participant with fifty rupees in addition to every fish stuck, which periodically seems in a treasure chest in entrance of his space.

Rewards for the Lurelin Village Recovery Mission

Totk Tears of the Kingdom Lurelin Fest

Now that this humble fishing village has been totally repaired, the village leader will throw a competition in Hyperlink and Bolson’s honor. On the competition, the villagers will formally announce that Hyperlink can use all amenities in Lurelin Village free of charge. That implies loose monster portions, loose inn nights, and loose eating place foods.

Totk Tears of Kingdom Reward Lurelin

When all is in position, Lurelin Village would be the bustling fishing middle it as soon as was once.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now to be had for Nintendo Transfer.

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