June 6, 2023

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom provides the participant quite a few distinctive reviews – an outstanding feat for a recreation that makes use of the similar map as breath of the wild. With the addition of Caverns, the Deeps and the Sky Isles, Tears of the Kingdom transforms Hyrule and creates entire new worlds. A shrine quest that takes good thing about those new worlds is the Lake Hylia Crystal Shrine Quest, which takes the participant to the En-Oma Shrine. Here is find out how to whole this shrine quest and obtain a Gentle of Blessing in go back.

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The place to seek out En Oma Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Granny Shrine location

Discovering En Oma Shrine is a little more complicated than maximum. The En Oma Shrine is situated in a cave that may handiest be accessed by the use of a whirlpool in Lake Hylia. Its actual coordinates are 0104, -2517, -0087and one of the simplest ways to get there may be to paraglide from the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower in opposition to Lake Hylia and drop Hyperlink into the whirlpool resulting in the name of the game Lake Hylia Whirlpool Cave.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and access to the Grandma Shrine

It is usually price noting that there’s a Bubbul in Lake Hylia’s whirlpool cave – gamers will have to remember to snag a Bubbul gem whilst there.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Granny Shrine Bubbul

Walkthrough to En-Oma Shrine

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Granny Shrine, location in the cave

The excellent news is that discovering En Oma Shrine is part the task. It is a blessing shrine from Rauru. So it is all about discovering a crystal and bringing it again to the shrine to obtain the sunshine of blessing. As soon as gamers arrive at Lake Hylia’s whirlpool cave, they are able to turn on the shrine and obtain the shrine quest by way of status between the 2 pillars.

Observe the beam

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Granny Shrine Light

Avid gamers will understand that the fairway beam shoots directly up into the sky – which means the Sky Isles are concerned. The easiest way to resolve the positioning of the crystal is to position a pin within the house the place the shrine is at the floor and navigate to the sky map the place the pin is visual however quite blunted.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Granny Shrine Lapel Pin

Arrival to the sky island

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Grandma Shrine on the way to the island

There are a number of strategies gamers can use to get to the island the place the crystal is situated. The primary is to rapid go back and forth to the Nice Sky Island Shrine’s Nachnoyah Shrine and paraglide or use a fan aircraft from the southernmost level of the island. So long as the participant helps to keep shifting towards the marker (or the fairway gentle, which is dim), they will have to get there very quickly.

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The opposite manner is to paraglide from the highest of the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower in opposition to the similar marker. Get admission to from right here may be quite simple.

Take the crystal to the whirlpool

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Granny Shrine Crystal Throw-1

Avid gamers will have to now in finding themselves on an island within the Faron Sky Archipelago, with a big temple within the middle. On this temple, gamers will in finding the crystal. Not anything fancy right here, simply throw the crystal throughout the hollow within the temple and dive again into the jacuzzi at the back of. There also are a couple of Solar Delions in this island which might be indubitably price amassing.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Granny Shrine Crystal Offering

The crystal is now within the whirlpool cave of Lake Hylia by way of the shrine and it is now only a subject of taking it to the shrine. Now all you need to do is watch the shrine develop and accumulate the rewards.

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Oma Shrine Raurus Blessing

En-Oma Shrine treasure chest location and praise

Totk Tears of the Kingdom and Grandma Shrine Treasure Chest

The treasure chest within the En-Oma shrine is true in entrance of the participant once they input it, because the objective of those shrines is the adventure with the crystal. Avid gamers obtain a formidable Zonaite Sword that may be fused to any Zonaite Device for a quite greater assault spice up.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is to be had for the Nintendo Transfer.

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