June 7, 2023

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomAvid gamers be able to finish over 150 shrines. As soon as they’re finished, they’re going to be rewarded lighting of blessing. The participant wishes those to acquire center and stamina bins, which can be essential sources Tears of the Kingdom. After all, gamers wish to whole as many shrines as imaginable to support Hyperlink’s stats.

Here’s a excursion of the Mayaumekis Shrine and its Downward Drive problem. In it, gamers will use Raise Ships to propel themselves throughout the air to a hidden chamber the place they are able to declare their praise.

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The place can I in finding the Mayaumekis Shrine?

Mayaumekis Shrine on the map

The Mayaumekis Shrine is situated at the Sky Isles, extra in particular within the Emerging Island Chain. Avid gamers will typically stumble upon this shrine when making their means throughout the Tulin of Rito Village quest. The particular coordinates of the sanctuary are (-2946.3052.0897).

Walkthrough for Mayaumekis Shrine

Title of Mayaumekis Shrine

The Mayaumekis Shrine is composed of 2 rooms. One is a small antechamber and the opposite is a big room filled with jack-up ships and a unmarried enemy. The shrine calls for a bit of of timing, a couple of arrows, and Hyperlink’s tireless leg muscular tissues. He’s shot up a number of occasions through Raise Ships.

the pedestal outside the first room

The primary room of the shrine does not say a lot about its function. Then again, throughout the bars at the proper aspect of the door is an orange socket. Avid gamers can shoot it with an arrow or pierce it with a spear to show it inexperienced. The door opens and the participant can advance to the following room.

The platform at the beginning of Mayaumekis Shrine

Upon getting into the bigger room, gamers will see a big platform with a ramp main there and plenty of jack-up ships. Pass up the ramp and get the Soldier Assemble II discovered there. Then use the primary raise send to get to a sq. platform above.

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the larger room in the Mayaumekis Shrine

From this platform, gamers can see a block some distance to the left the place the chest is situated, and a big, sealed chamber to the precise the place its purpose is situated. There may be a boost send circling the room some distance forward.

Use the raise send in entrance of them to get to the shifting raise send. If gamers wish to pick out up the chest with ten darts, they will have to modify their drift to land at the shifting raise send because it passes this platform. Another way, they are able to use the shifting raise send to get to the sq. platform below the sealed chamber at the proper.

the pedestal that needs to be shot

Use the raise send subsequent to the platform to release Hyperlink into the air subsequent to the sealed chamber. Close to the peak of the release, the participant can see some other orange pedestal. On the peak in their kill, they will have to draw their bow to shoot the pedestal, opening the gate underneath the chamber.

With the gate now open, gamers can drift to the raise send underneath the now opened chamber, leap in, and obtain their blessings.

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