June 7, 2023

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomas Hyperlink nears the doorway of Gerudo Canyon, he hits Naia, a vigilant Gerudo stationed as a guard. Naia wastes no time caution Hyperlink of the treacherous stipulations that lie forward, specifically the area’s unpredictable climate.

Made up our minds to verify Hyperlink is in a position for the demanding situations forward, Naia items a easy check: Hyperlink will have to solution her 4 questions as it should be, proving his skill to resist the cruel components and be triumphant. Listed below are the 4 questions Naia will ask, the proper solutions, and further tricks to assist Hyperlink continue to exist The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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All Naia Q&A in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In a while after crossing the Digdogg Rope Bridge, Hyperlink encounters Naia, situated by means of Coordinates -1650, -2049, -0015, stationed on the front of Gerudo Canyon Move. Naia’s function is to evaluate Hyperlink’s survivability within the canyon’s steadily brutal climate stipulations. Solution all 4 questions as it should be and Hyperlink will probably be rewarded with a unmarried Highly spiced Paprika, which you’ll use to create cold-resistant meals.

To evaluate whether or not Hyperlink understands what he is entering, she asks him 4 increasingly more difficult multiple-choice questions. This complete information now not simplest supplies the proper solutions to Naia’s questions, but additionally provides precious recommendation to strengthen Hyperlink’s possibilities of surviving within the harsh atmosphere of the area.

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Naia’s first query

  • Q: What is one of the best ways to heat up when it is bloodless?
  • A: Keep close to a fireplace!

In Tears of the Kingdom, Hyperlink provides a number of tactics to heat up and beginning a fireplace, as steered, is a reasonably simple job. Alternatively, positive fabrics are required. Hyperlink must get some picket – for instance a wood weapon, department or amassed picket – and both a work of flint or a flamable subject matter like a fireplace fruit or pink chuchu jelly.

Hyperlink will have to then position the picket at the floor and will both position a work of flint within reach and hit it with a steel weapon, or throw a flamable object on the picket, inflicting it to ignite and create a flame. In case you are the use of a flammable merchandise, it’s a must to word that it isn’t important to burn the object with an arrow.

Naia’s 2nd query

  • Q: The place to chill off when it is very popular outdoor?
  • A: A pleasant, shady spot!

It is reasonably simple to get better from the warmth within the colour, and sheltering close to massive rocks, cliffs, and timber will decrease Hyperlink’s temperature. This recommendation is not the most efficient, alternatively, because it calls for Hyperlink to stick in a single position till climate stipulations strengthen.

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Naia’s 3rd query

  • Q: Which cooking aspect successfully protects towards top temperatures?
  • A: Relax Shroom

Cooking with Chillshroom creates “cold” dishes that grant Hyperlink a warmth resistance buff. The length of this impact may also be higher by means of including a bigger quantity of Chillshroom to the recipe. With a view to achieve Chillshroom, the participant will have to undertaking into bloodless, snowy environments the place they’re normally discovered on the base of timber. Superb spots for accumulating ice mushrooms are Gerudo Mountains, Hebra Mountains and Mount Lanayru.

Alternatively, chilled mushrooms are simply one of the fabrics that can be utilized to create heat-resistant foods and elixirs. Hyperlink too can craft Warmth Resistant Meals by means of cooking with Hydromelons, Chillfin Trout, and Cool Safflina, and the Chilly Darner and Winterwing Butterfly critters can be utilized to craft Warmth Resistant Elixirs.

Naia’s fourth query

  • Q: The place in Gerudo Canyon may just one move to flee the intense temperatures day and night time?
  • A: In a cave!

In Tears of the dominionCaves are remarkably comfy and will function protected havens from excessive climate stipulations, be it sizzling warmth or freezing bloodless. Caverns may also be encountered both by means of following a Blupee or by means of making an providing to Satori, Lord of the Mountain, at one of the crucial few shrines in all of Hyrule. As soon as cave entrances had been entered and found out, they’re very easily marked at the map, making them more uncomplicated to search out once more when Hyperlink wishes sanctuary.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had for the Nintendo Transfer.

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