June 6, 2023

Octoroks are iconic Legend of Zelda enemy who has returned The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Those creatures, identified for his or her underground digging and rock-spitting prowess, have a brand new objective on this episode. Reasonably than being only a nuisance, in addition they supply a strategy to restore Hyperlink’s guns and shields – a welcome development in coping with the irritating weapon sturdiness mechanic offered in breath of the wild.

This trick is all about monitoring down Rock Octorok Enemies that may be tough to identify as they’re camouflaged through the massive stone on their head when submerged underground. When they seem, they’re going to aggressively hurl rocks at Hyperlink till he will get very shut, so means them with warning. This information outlines probably the most handy and available places to search out the useful however anxious Rock Octorok Tears of the Kingdom.

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The place to search out Rock Octoroks in Tears of the Kingdom

There are a number of places the place Rock Octoroks can also be discovered Tears of the Kingdom. A unmarried Rock Octorok can handiest restore one weapon or protect, so Hyperlink would possibly wish to seek out a couple of of those enemies or stay up for a Blood Moon for them to respawn. Maximum of Hyrule’s Rock Octorok inhabitants can also be discovered at the many crags and peaks of the Eldin Mountains surrounding Loss of life Mountain and Goron Town.

For simple get admission to to this house, avid gamers can teleport to the Sitsum Shrine on the most sensible of Loss of life Mountain and paraglide to succeed in the numerous ledges under the place Rock Octoroks can also be discovered. Moreover, Marakugac Shrine close to Goron Town is every other good spot for quick trip, as a number of Rock Octoroks can also be discovered at this altitude.

Rock Octoroks are desk bound enemies that most often stay dormant above flooring till they understand Hyperlink. As soon as locked in, they’re going to release huge boulders at Hyperlink until he will get shut sufficient to lead them to submerge. Hyperlink must means the Rock Octorok to drop a weapon that wishes repairing. Subsequently, the participant will have to watch out and steer clear of the large rocks he shoots on how to the melee vary.

Beneath is an inventory of identified, showed Rock Octorok spawn places within the Eldin Canyon and Eldin Mountains areas of northeast Hyrule. Rock Octoroks may also be present in different mountainous areas, however this house has the perfect focus of this enemy. That is extraordinarily useful when the participant needs to fix a couple of guns.


Rock Octorok location

1886, 2716, 0396

Close to a skull-shaped rock north of Goro Cove

1635, 2748, 0398

Southeast of Lake Darunia at the map

1377, 3215, 0408

Northwest of the island of Rabac at the map

1641, 3412, 0316

North of the island of Rabac at the map

1625, 3426, 0301

North of the island of Rabac at the map

1866, 1473, 0276

Close to Goronbi Lake at the map

1627, 1438, 0297

On a ledge southwest of Bedrock Bistro

1451, 1691, 0319

West of Timawak Shrine

1441, 2180, 0294

On the foot of the Golow River Falls

1414, 2349, 0324

East of the Golow River

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