June 3, 2023

Rito Village in northwest Hyrule is house to the bird-like people, and it is moderately a hike from Lookout Touchdown Tears of the Kingdom Gamers descend from the Nice Sky Isle for the primary time after finishing the Instructional Shrines and studying Recall, Ascension, Ultrahand, and Fuse.

After finishing the Wind Temple close to Rito Village and preventing the horrible storm from snow, some NPCs have quests for the avid gamers to finish and this kind of quests can be known as The management of the white fowl and will also be began through talking to a crimson named Rito Lisa. Their coordinates are -3622, 1826, 0199.

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Laissa Lage Rito Village Totk Zelda Tloz

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Walkthrough for The White Chook’s Steering Shrine quest.

Laissa tells DeadK She tells avid gamers that she noticed the golf green glow of a shrine someplace in a close-by cave, and it is as much as Hyperlink to determine the cave’s location. The Rito lady offers avid gamers a clue on how you can in finding the cave. For this, then again, avid gamers will have to succeed in the highest of Rito Village after which wait till daybreak to find them. Alternatively, we’ve already carried out that for the readers in order that we will be able to Display you the positioning of the cave to hurry up this shrine seek.

the place is the cave

Tears of the Kingdom Totk Zelda Lever Power The White Birds Guidance Shrine Quest Map

the collapse query, Totori Cave at West Lakeis direct northwest of Rito Village. Its coordinates are roughly -3955, 2029, 0201. Readers can see the positioning at the map beneath.

Walkthrough to Wao-os Shrine


Once Hyperlink enters the cave shrine, they’re greeted with a sphere, a semi-circular form, and a sq. field. There also are two massive round goals at the different aspect of a chasm – avid gamers will have to hit each goals the use of the “springboard”-like platform at the fringe of the world the place the shrine starts.

One of the simplest ways to finish this shrine is Take the half-circle form with Ultrahand and position it at the face of the plank, clear of the brink. Connect it with A after which position the ball within the semi-circle form to behave as a catapult of types –but do not connect the ball to it, in a different way it is going to simply get caught and cannot be shot against the goals.

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Now use the heavy steel field, use Ultrahand to raise it within the air after which drop it at the finish of the plank to ship the ball flying to the purpose. Alternatively, do not carry it the entire manner up, simply sufficient for the ball to hit the ground circle.


As soon as hit, a close-by shutter will open, permitting Hyperlink to take hold of a protracted plank of picket. Connect the picket to the entrance of the picket board the place we glued the half of circle. This may occasionally make all the plank slightly longer. Now take the semicircle once more, fasten it in entrance and put the ball again within. Identical procedure right here, yet this time you can carry the steel field as excessive as you’ll be able to earlier than shedding it onto the plank.


And to finish the shrine, avid gamers can merely throw themselves into the air through status the place the ball used to be positioned. Make sure to go with the flow to the platform at the proper to take hold of the name of the game chest containing a highly spiced elixir that provides Hyperlink a high-level warmth impact for 8 mins, permitting him to continue to exist chilly climate.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had for the Nintendo Transfer.

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