May 26, 2022

YouTube TV is catching up with other streaming apps including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video, and more, and is finally adding picture-in-picture support on iOS devices running iOS 15 or later. First for iPad users with iOS 13, and then in 2020 for iPhones with iOS 14, YouTube has gradually adopted this standard feature, allowing users to display a small floating mini-screen on the home screen while multitasking on their device. in the player.

To try out the new functionality of the YouTube TV streaming service, users first select a title to play and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to enable picture-in-picture mode, the company says. explained on twitter This became known on Wednesday. YouTube said the feature is “gradually rolling out” so not all users will see it right away.

Users are frustrated that YouTube took so long to implement this basic functionality. There is speculation that the slowdown has nothing to do with how the YouTube player on iOS is designed to display and track ads, a core business aspect of YouTube and some other streamers like Netflix and Amazon that you don’t have to fight. ,

This seems like a possible explanation, as YouTube has not only added a picture-in-picture (PiP) option like other video apps have, but as part of its program since last August for premium subscribers. characteristic. Youtube “Experiment”. Since 2020, YouTube has made it possible for its premium subscribers to test new features called “experiments”. Last year, YouTube began testing PiP on the YouTube iOS app with customers in the US. According to the YouTube Experiments website, these tests are ongoing. YouTube says on its website today that the current test will be available until April 8th.

Unfortunately, the trial end date may not mean that YouTube will add PiP support to iOS anytime soon. To get an idea of ​​when YouTube users will be able to use the feature, gaming-updates said the company is committed to making PIP support available to all YouTube users on iOS, including free users. inclusive – in the following months. , Oh

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