May 26, 2022

Micromobility joint venture Spin and Lyft are teaming up to bring the Spin electric scooter to the Lyft app in 60 U.S. markets by the end of the year. The integration, which will allow users to not only find scooters but also pay for them through the Lyft app, will launch first in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday and then in 13 other cities throughout April.

The partnership supports a more integrated transportation ecosystem, which is evident in other similar application integrations. Spin, in addition to other micromobility companies such as Bird and Lime, is also integrated into apps such as Google Maps, CityMapper and Moovit. In addition, Lime vehicles have been available on the Uber app in select locations since 2019.

Spin CEO Ben Baer told gaming-updates, “This is the first time we have a native integration where you can manage all the travel flow in a partner app.” “So you don’t have to go to the Spin app. You can simply open Lyft, search for a scooter, and like a Lyft bike, scan, unlock, and ride. And this is the first time Lyft has entered into an integration partnership. ,

By hosting Spin vehicles on its platform, Lyft, which offers bike rentals in nine U.S. cities, is effectively increasing its footprint in the micromobility space, solidifying its position as a transportation platform. The company gets paid per ride from Spin, but Bear didn’t explain how the revenue share would work.

“It’s a partnership where they obviously add a lot of value, as does Life because we can offer bikes and scooters in many markets because they’ve focused on the main, big cities, and they just can’t.” coverage in the rest of the country,” Medved said.

In the coming weeks, riders in cities like Phoenix, Cleveland, Providence, and Memphis will use scooters as an option when searching for a destination on the Lyft app. The scooter can be unlocked through Lyft by scanning the QR code or entering the scooter ID.

“At a time when gas prices are going crazy, micromobility is part of the solution, but not the only one,” Bear says. “Access to bikes and scooters and nationwide sharing is very exciting for Lyft and for us in their quest to reduce our reliance on personal vehicles.”

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