May 25, 2022

If you’ve been wanting to make a GIF with your iOS camera using the Twitter app for a long time, today is your lucky day. Twitter announced This is all we can do now.

When you’re composing a new tweet on iOS, tap the “Camera” button. You then have the option to choose between a photo, a video, and an animated GIF. Your GIF might not be very long – just a few seconds – but hey, it will probably come in handy once or twice?

After recording a short GIF, you have the option to play it back and forth in a loop, or you can play it like an Instagram boomerang by looping back and forth. If you don’t want to make a GIF longer than two seconds, the whole world is at your fingertips.

Once you’ve created a GIF, it will automatically be saved as a GIF in the Pictures folder in your Camera Roll – it’s not a video. Because it’s a GIF.

Twitter is currently releasing so many new features that it’s hard to keep track of them. Some recent updates you may have missed include the posting of clips from Spaces, a possible upcoming twist on Instagram’s “close friends” list, and some timeline algorithm confusion. Twitter hasn’t specified when this GIF feature will be rolled out to Android, but Twitter usually adds new updates for Android users. Soon you will also be able to post a GIF of your snake plant.

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