May 26, 2022

Yelp is expanding its partnership with Seattle-based food tech startup Hazel Analytics to expand health rankings on its platform, the company announced Thursday. The two companies are working together to further expand Yelp’s medical information on restaurant listings. Yelp first partnered with Hazel Analytics last year to display restaurant verification information on its platform.

Hazel Analytics now provides health data for approximately 700,000 Yelp pages and displays information about jurisdictions that contain approximately 70% of the US population. The object includes data from health departments in 48 states, up from four states previously. For the first time, this feature provides Yelp with Canadian health metrics, as well as data from Toronto and Vancouver.

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“The expansion of Yelp’s health assessment program comes at a time when people are returning to food as COVID-19 restrictions continue to be lifted, health inspections are restored from the initial hiatus from the pandemic, and food safety measures such as contactless payments at restaurants are in place. . and virtual menus,” the company said in a statement about the announcement.

Hazel Analytics collects health metrics based on publicly available data from local health departments. Where the Department of Health does not release scores as part of its health surveillance findings, Hazel Analytics uses baseline data to evaluate scores based on a 100-point scoring system to show that the company How does the latest review compare to other reviews? the same period. jurisdiction.

“Since our founding, the mission of Hazel Analytics has been to improve public health by connecting food service companies, regulators and consumers,” Arash Natsibi, co-founder and CEO of Hazel Analytics, said in a statement. “After years of providing award-winning technology solutions for food safety professionals, we are now excited to partner with Yelp to make it easier for consumers to access Public Health Inspectorate information from local eateries.”

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