May 27, 2022

iOS is getting more and more features with every major release, which unfortunately means some of them aren’t there at all… Example #4123131: This is a video.

You’re probably familiar with Apple’s longtime Continuity features and constantly new universal controls – copying and pasting links from your phone to your laptop isn’t unprecedented. But as you can see above, not even former Apple employees knew that you can now use the pinch gesture to grab and move images between your iPhone and iPad, that you were some sort of tech-savvy magician throwing natural 20. Arcana These are the same old features that have been around for months are only cooler and more like magic. As long as you use two touchscreen Apple devices with the same Apple ID, you should be fine.

If you already know this, congratulations. But out of a selection of five late contributors on the gaming-updates Water Cooler channel, 100% of us had no idea you could do it.

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