May 28, 2022

As the number of startups competing for the attention of investors and consumers continues to grow, growth marketing is becoming more important than ever.

Based on the feedback we receive from our ongoing expert research, GrowthCurve, with offices in London and New York, offers plans that allow companies to scale up or down services based on their needs, for example. hand.

We learned about Mulenga Egli, the founder of the company, from Hubpay’s Maya Van Peridon through our developmental marketing research.

“Mulenta and his team at Growthcurve are seasoned fintech experts,” Van Paredon said. Previously, Mulenga built Moniz into one of the leading neobanks in Europe. In addition, Growthcurve is Coinbase’s primary agency for its creative strategy and production for performance marketing around the world, which is a huge compliment.”

The growth curve seems to have had a big impact on Hubpe. “Growth Curve acted like our entire development and marketing division. We distributed our starting money together to bring them on board and they helped us close the $20 million Series A round! Since then, they have been our only development partner,” says Van Peredon.

To learn more about how Growthpay works, we spoke with Egli about how the company works with customers, what advice they give to aspiring founders, and common mistakes in growth marketing.

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

How do you evaluate new client requirements and what information do you need before you share the estimated timeline and budget for the project?

Customers choose from three plans based on their needs and our new business team will contact them to help select the right package. At this point, we would like to understand how their marketing and development team (if any) is currently operating, their budget, their offering and business model, their target audience, growth ambitions, and any network effects or unique distributions. be able to do. Take Advantage

When it comes to cost and time, our clients this month are based on the investigation team and the service package they choose. As for time, there can be many different goals at the same time; Very rarely there is a “project” with a deadline.

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The team that our clients have assembled is working to create an engine for growth in the business. This includes workflows including Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue. We set specific goals on a monthly basis based on KPIs and quarterly review progress against business goals.

Once a client has successfully qualified with our new business group, they are assigned a client partner to help them complete their onboarding and get the most out of their Growth Curve team and resources. Client partners specialize in a particular industry (eg, fintech, SaaS, gaming) and protect the client.

GrowthCurve Growth Marketing Team. image credit: growth curve(Opens in a new window)

What is the average rate for an average project and how often do you communicate with clients after work has begun?

When a company joins GrowthCurve, it can provide the growth marketing services they need on demand and flexibly up or down.

We work tirelessly to keep our clients’ time to a minimum. We’ve made the experience with us feel like managing resources on Amazon Web Services or Heroku, rather than the typical long process of hiring an old advertising or marketing agency.

Because our clients typically use GrowthCurve for all or at least a large part of their development marketing department, they form a cross-functional team of experts from all three of our plans. The cost depends on the team and resource profile that our clients create.

We have clients with small applications who can do all their international marketing with us for less than $20,000 per month with a KPI of “ROF” (reward revenue is basically a growth curve over our costs) or “ROAS” (refundable). . ) for advertising costs). We also have large corporate clients that are 10 times larger in team size and value.

CRO isn’t always technical—great copywriting and visual communication is one of the top conversion factors, but many companies fail.

If a new client came to you today with a budget of $25,000, what would you prioritize?

Let’s say it’s an early-stage SaaS subscription business. If time permits, it would be ideal to invest in avoiding SEO and highly secure content to generate inbound traffic backed up by continuous development experiments and CRO.

However, this is certainly not an approach that will work for every early stage business, either because the model isn’t heavily search driven (for example, it’s a brand new concept) or because Tomorrow’s customer wants to grow and simply can’t afford to invest in long-term growth strategies until they’ve achieved a big fundraising effort.

Where time is of the essence, we prefer quick iterative experiments over paid channels to find the best mix of audience, messages, channel, placement, and creative. We will also be investing heavily in strong attribution to make sure which campaigns are performing poorly. This is difficult in a post-iOS 14 world, but luckily we’ve come up with some great approaches.

As a development agency, we always support any paid activity with a growth cycle that multiplies each paid result through referral mechanisms, gamification, proof of social and product oriented development. This can include custom landing pages, interactive funnels, software and API development, marketing automation, and more.

You provide conversion rate optimization services. What are the three most common mistakes marketing teams make when attacking this important metric?

loading time. It seems pretty obvious, but everything should load right away. We now live in an accelerated world and users of any service will be on the move in seconds if your application, service or site takes more than a minute to appear. So design for lazy loading, compress those shiny .mp4 video files, stream data progressively, serve from a CDN, and replace images with pure CSS as little as possible.

So CRO is psychological. A wise man once said, “A deluded mind does not buy anything.” CRO isn’t always technical—great copywriting and visual communication is one of the top conversion factors, but many companies fail.

Create a compelling value proposition in the limited space you have with a second or two of customer attention and you I will view the result.

Another disadvantage is the inability to record and label the results of previous CRO experiments. Accurately recording and labeling past experiments makes it easier for new team members to search through past tests and helps them quickly apply what they already know.

Repeating tests already done is a big problem in the CRO industry and a huge waste of time and resources. We have developed our own solution to collect and categorize the results of all experiments performed for the client in order to understand the exact purpose, context, appearance and result.

What is your average campaign time after signing the contract? What should I do before sharing copies?

We are launching many startups. No two are the same. The fastest thing we do is a kick-off campaign that involves customer engagement.

Some campaigns running simultaneously in multiple markets take longer, but MVP All Things is an important part of our way of working to achieve the minimum achievable result as quickly as possible. This is no different from campaigns.

Since your team spans multiple industries and provides multiple services, how do you decide which clients to take on? Are there any marketing projects in which you are not involved?

We are interested in helping companies that focus on sustainability as well as companies that help solve complex problems facing society, whether it’s banking in Africa or carbon offset in New York.

We believe that private companies can help change the world for the better, and this is indeed their responsibility. Overall, we are attracting cutting-edge companies with a vision to revolutionize the industry and with global ambitions that we can help through successive rounds of funding through Unicorn Status IPOs and beyond.

Companies we are considering partnering with must secure a solid seed round of at least $2 million plus.

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