May 28, 2022

South Labs The February Investor Deck is a fascinating document that brings together games, a new currency, and an ever-expanding pool of digital assets that fans of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the famous NFT project of the era, can buy and sell.

I went over the decks again last night and again this morning to better understand the company’s financials, expectations, and business promises. But we can’t get into the details until we talk about what the company has in mind — let’s say Yura raised $450 million earlier this week at a $4 billion valuation. He announced the deal.

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No one is more fun today than the people of Web3 as they are in an almost unique position in their current allure (blockchain based assets and related applications) that is becoming a subject of widespread investor interest and consumer demand. It doesn’t happen very often.

Era has ambitious plans for the coming years, with popular NFT projects and some evidence of the potential of using one collection of digital assets to develop another. He also has a new half billion in capital to support his vision. Let’s talk this morning about what he wants to build and how it shakes the economy.

If everything goes according to plan, Yuga will make a lot of money.

bored monkey universe

Era wants to create something that “expands the universe” of the bored Ape Yacht Club, but at the same time “invites the wider NFT community”. Simply put, the company seeks to build on its initial success by creating opportunities for broader partnerships. it is reasonable.

The epoch is not too long for the current efforts to create the Metaverse. The company’s current efforts in the metaverse are missing things like “goal,” “common goals,” and “real interests,” as well as “connections,” “solutions,” and “story.” He summarizes his position that a simple social center in the virtual world is not enough to attract the attention of consumers for a long time.

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