May 26, 2022

Our Early Stage Founders Summit will be back in San Francisco in April! And we are looking for great volunteers to help make this event possible. If you are interested in production technical measures, Apply as a volunteerAnd if you choose, not only will you get a behind-the-scenes look at how events work, but you’ll also get a free pass to experience Disrupt SF October 18-20.

Whether you dream of becoming a startup founder, marketer, or event coordinator, this is a great way to see what it takes to host a world-famous startup event. In addition, you can attend all expert-led workshops on important topics such as accelerating user growth, securing funding, and growing your brand after volunteering.

We are expecting around 1,000 people in the initial TC phase and they will volunteer for various tasks to make this launch program a valuable experience for everyone. You can help at any time with registration, debates with speakers, attending live broadcasts, scanning tickets or arranging a general schedule.

Volunteers are needed both on April 13 and 14. Help us and we’ll give you a free Interruption Pass. Save money, gain valuable event experience, and still have enough time to realize all the benefits of a startup at an early stage of TC.

The number of volunteers is limited, so Applicable What to look out for before March 28!

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