May 26, 2022

Blue Origin is gearing up for its first manned launch of the year and fourth manned launch overall as the company looks to expand its growing space tourism business. This time, the company, led by Jeff Bezos, is sending a team of six with a Thursday launch at 8:30 AM PT (9:30 AM ET).

Like the company’s previous missions, especially those in which Bezos himself went into space, the launch of the NS-20 will be from the huge Blue Origin launch complex near Van Horn in west Texas. (Unexpectedly for this region, high winds delayed the mission by two days.) NS-20 is so named because it is the twentieth flight of Blue’s New Shepard reusable launch system.

The NS-20 crew included angel investor Marty Allen, nonprofit founder Sharon Hagley, her husband and Tricor CEO Mark Hagel, entrepreneur Jim Kitchen, and commercial space technology founder Dr. C. George Neal. SNL star Pete Davidson was also originally scheduled to appear in The Manifesto, but dropped out and was replaced by New Shepard chief architect Gary Lai.

The live stream of the launch will begin at approximately 7:20 pm PT (8:20 pm ET) and the launch will take place approximately one hour later.

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