May 25, 2022

The terminal often sounds like an afterthought, and there has been little innovation in this area for a long time. Warp, which is launching its public beta today and announcing $23 million in funding, is trying to change that with a new command-line terminal designed to make developers more productive. For now, Warp’s public beta is only available for macOS, but the company promises Windows and Linux versions in the future.

As the company announced today, it previously raised a $6 million GV-led seed round involving Neo and Boxgroup. It also raised a $17 million Series A round led by Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field. Others in this (somewhat unusual) entrepreneur-led round include Elad Gil, former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, and Salesforce co-founder and co-CEO Marc Benioff.

Warp co-founder and CEO Zach Lloyd, a former chief engineer at Google and interim CTO of Time, told me, “I’ve been a developer for 20 years.” “I have always been a terminal user. To be honest, I’ve always found this app weird. […] But it’s an interesting application in the sense that it’s ubiquitous. You will walk past the developer’s desk and he will have a terminal open. There are only a few such applications: Terminal and Code Editor. So I thought it was an interesting foothold to make something that impresses all developers. And then if you can get really big at it, you really get a big real performance boost.”

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Warp works out of the box with shells like zsh, fish and bash. In many ways, the user experience is reminiscent of a modern text editor, with code completion and auto-suggestions for menus, for example. But there are also features like cursor positioning, the ability to go back to terminal history commands to output commands and then copy them with a single click, built-in documentation, and more. These are features that may seem obvious at first glance, but are actually not available in modern terminals. The ability to move the cursor anywhere shouldn’t be new to terminals in 2022, but it is.

Warp Terminal, of course, offers standards like tabs, split windows, keyboard shortcuts, and built-in SSH support. Warp also allows developers to share their workflows with the rest of their team.

At Google, Lloyd worked on Google Docs and noted that he took something away from it, which is that when you can take an existing desktop application and add collaboration and teamwork to it, you can greatly improve productivity.

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So it’s not surprising that the collaboration is part of what they hope Warp will stand out as part of the company’s revenue strategy. Currently, the collaboration features are mainly focused on the ability to easily share commands and their outputs, as well as workflows, but Warp will soon introduce sharing capabilities as well.

It is worth noting that for Warp, the Terminal is just the beginning. As Lloyd noted, the company’s mission is to “improve developer productivity. It’s not about building the best terminal that has ever existed.” The idea here is to create a platform, sort of a distribution point, to do other things along with a terminal in the middle, which can be a code editor, an application building platform, or cloud development.” But that’s not the main focus from the start. I think these are opportunities that will arise if we are really good at taunting,” Lloyd said.

Marc Benioff is definitely excited about this. “We are excited to partner with the great entrepreneur Zach Lloyd again,” he said. “Will greatly benefit from the talent of the developers tease.v” so it is Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, who is secretly working for a new startup. “I used” tease Every day at work,” he said in a prepared statement. “My favorite thing is speed: how fast it works and how fast you feel when using it, especially in terms of both excellent type-ahead and search. tease The terminal takes you to the modern era and can’t wait to see where they’re going teaseI

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