May 25, 2022

The media is making noise Articles tell us how to improve B2B sales, but we also see headlines like “The End of B2B Sales.” who is right?

One thing is clear: there is no longer room for traditional B2B sales. In a recent survey, 43% of B2B buyers said they would rather shop without a rep. However, sellers are strongly advised to “better present your product,” “ask open questions,” and “beautify the deal.”

You are trying to fit the shape of your product to the customer, not to make your company and services customer-friendly. In a world of countless competitors, the customer no longer needs to obey Your treatment. The roles have been reversed and sales teams have realized that they must get the customer exactly when they need them and in the way that best suits their buying process.

Putting the customer first has always been the prerogative of B2C. but why? The person on the other end of a B2B conversation is also a person.

In that sense, B2B is really starting to look like B2C. We cannot continue to use boilerplate solutions that rarely change, whether you sell commercial medical technology software or retail solutions. Every business needs to figure out what is best for them Trust the client and the direction that leads him.

For a financial service provider, the solution may be to place all of their products on a virtual marketplace and minimize customer contact with representatives. For a retail solution, this might be calling the store owner on the phone and tailoring the equipment to his particular model.

So what do they have in common? Optimizing your unique path to a better customer experience requires a multidisciplinary team that is solely focused on that goal and sees the customer as their guiding light. We call it RevOps.

How Tunnel Vision outsold the client

Around 2010, the general idea was: “Let’s bring technology into our business and make it more efficient.” The problem was that many companies were using this technology to improve existing processes rather than improve themselves.

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