May 26, 2022

What determines the trajectory of your company’s development? Is it the quality of your idea, the perfect fit for the product market, your bold plan for TAM? One thing outweighs these other important factors.

The presentation is the most important step in getting your startup to achieve what you want. The challenge is to say enough to grab the attention of investors and at the same time do enough to turn the presentation into a conversation. This applies to both presentations and verbal presentations.

Venture capital broke records in the fourth quarter of 2021. The number of startups seeking capital increased 33% year-on-year, and the time investors spent watching presentations was the lowest on record. just 2 minutes 28 seconds12% decrease compared to 2020.

The competition for investor time and attention is fierce, and it’s more important than ever to create a presentation that tells your story, showcases your product, and shows exactly why you’re building it.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that Julia Collins – a serial entrepreneur and the first black woman to co-found a unicorn (Zoom) – has gained a wealth of knowledge about creating the perfect tone. How do you tell your story? bee A bale of vanity at an early stage 14th of April.

As the co-founder of Zoom, Collins has raised over $400 million. Today, she leads Planet FWD, a company of seasoned brand builders committed to fighting climate change by making it easy to promote sustainable products.

Collins knows how to turn a startup story into a capital-generating presentation, and she has great advice on how to navigate the pitching process. Find out where to start, do’s and don’ts, and why Sarah Art, an investor in Cleo Capital VC and Planet FWD, advises Collins to focus on content and hire a designer. Spoiler: he called his deck ugly.

It takes time, research, creativity, and countless tweaks to hone your serve to perfection. This is the most important tool for determining the trajectory of your startup. Join Julia Collins as she talks about how to build a fundraising process, make your pitch stand out, and generate investor interest—and money—through a compelling story.

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