May 26, 2022

Gaming giant Ubisoft has confirmed the cybersecurity incident that led to the massive password reset, but declined to say what exactly the incident was.

Ubisoft said in a brief statement: “Ubisoft suffered a cybersecurity incident last week that resulted in the temporary suspension of some of our games, systems and services. Our IT team is working with leading third-party experts to investigate this issue. We have initiated a password reset for the entire company.”

“We can also confirm that all of our games and services are operating normally and there is currently no evidence that players’ personal information is being used as a by-product of this incident,” the statement said.

French video game company best known for its Assassin’s Creed As well as Completely different brand. According to the company’s latest earnings report for October, Ubisoft had 117 million active players.

It is not uncommon for companies to initiate password recovery if it is suspected that a user’s password or the company’s user account vault has been tampered with.

gaming-updates sent a series of questions to Ubisoft asking the company to describe the nature of the cybersecurity incident, such as whether it was a breach of its network; And if the company has the means, such as log files, to detect evidence of unauthorized access to data or data theft. With logs, the company will know with a high degree of certainty whether data has been extracted, instead of having logs and evidence.

A spokesman for Ubisoft said the company had nothing more to say about the incident.

Users should change their password as soon as possible, as well as on any other site or service using the same password as Ubisoft. A unique password can help prevent credential spoofing attacks by allowing attackers to compromise accounts that use the same password.

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