May 25, 2022

Today, Twitter is updating its app to make it easier to switch between an algorithmically programmed home timeline and a feed displaying “recent” tweets. When users want to switch between timelines, they usually have to press . type glowing icon in the top right corner of the screen and do it again to switch back. But starting today on iOS, tapping this icon offers the option to pin both the homepage and the latest timeline to your Twitter homepage so you can navigate between the two feeds instead.

Explains Twitter, the update makes the ability to view the latest messages “more visual and intuitive to use.” The company says that while this makes it easier to see the timeline you’re currently scrolling through, it also reduces confusion.

This change comes at a time when technology companies are under increased regulatory pressure from their algorithmic recommendation systems and lack of transparency about their inner workings. For example, a bipartic group of American legislators proposed a law on transparency of filter bubbles that will require the technological companies to offer the version of its platform that does not use user data to generate recommendations. The bill aims to give users the ability to turn off a technology company’s recommendation algorithms if they so choose.

Since then, Instagram has promised to reintroduce the chronological feed. (Or technically in reverse chronological order, to be precise.)

However, Twitter has already offered this possibility, although some did not know that it existed. This latest change could help improve this feature – the glitter icon is in the same place as before – but it could also make Twitter itself easier to use.

In addition to supporting user choice, the “latest” feed is also a kind of tool that people turn to in a state where news is allowed, when the relevance of information is more important than the algorithmic suggestion of “better” content. I missed. And it’s especially useful now, during the Russo-Ukrainian war, when people rely on social media apps to get the latest news on what’s happening on the ground.

Twitter was launched publicly for the first time to measure This condition. In October, the company reported that the reaction was positive, so a decision was made to expand supplies.

At launch, this feature will only be available for iOS, but it will be rolling out to both Android and the web “soon.” Twitter pressed for more details on the date and could only promise that it would happen “in the coming weeks”.

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