May 28, 2022

Instagram lets you “collaborate,” but what about Twitter? The social network continues to work on a feature that allows multiple users to tweet at the same time, which it calls “collaboration.” The option has not yet become public and will only work if the user accepts a collaboration request from another user. It also hints at a possible plan for creators to partner with companies for brand ad deals — something that is already common on competing social networks like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and others.

Twitter’s “collaboration” feature was first discovered in the application code by a mobile developer. Alessandro Paluzzi, who’s inside December 2021In Shared Links, he found that Twitter was working on allowing two people to tweet together. In this scenario, both the Twitter handle and the people’s names will appear at the top of the tweet above its content. Earlier this year Paluzzi open A collaboration button was added to the tweet compositor screen, and they discovered what collaborator profile photos – overlaid – would look like when their “Collab” tweet appeared on the Twitter timeline.

Paluzzi today got more evidence again On the development of the feature, when he tweeted a screenshot explaining how collaboration on Twitter would work.

Here, Twitter states that users first ask the person or brand to “co-own” a tweet with them and wait for their request to be accepted. In other words, you can’t force someone to cooperate – it’s not a way to tag someone in a tweet, that is. When the other user accepts the request, both accounts will be listed as co-authors of the tweet, Twitter explains in this introductory screen.

Paluzzi told gaming-updates that he didn’t find anything in the code that would limit the feature to only select users, such as creators who use Twitter Super Followers.

However, this addition to the collaboration is another sign that Twitter is thinking about how its platform can be used in a variety of ways beyond a virtual town square or a real-time news network.

One of several new products that Twitter has been testing in recent months is the idea of ​​turning Twitter into a creator platform where followers can optionally like their favorite accounts in exchange for exclusive access to fan content such as photos, videos, etc. you can subscribe. some other media. Or even private tweets. This “superfollow function, as it’s called, became available globally late last year and is now available to iOS and Android users for an initial trial period. suitability Terms It states that a creator must be based in the US and have at least 10,000 subscribers in order to offer a Super Follow subscription to their fans.

It is not yet known whether the creators of Twitter see a viable platform for monetizing subscriptions. But Twitter has a number of brand advertisers using its platform, as well as well-known users who can be seen as “influencers” on Twitter. It could potentially bring the two groups together with this new collaboration feature.

Of course, the collaboration feature can have many other uses besides branded deals. It can be used to extract joint statements of organizations, companies or individuals; To promote work with multiple authors or creators, such as a podcast, newsletter, or news article. And it can also be used for entertainment by people who want to come together for some other reason.

However, for now, Twitter is making us think about its plans to collaborate with Twitter.

A Twitter spokesperson, who was contacted for comment, only confirmed that the feature is currently “under study” but declined to reveal more about the feature, its plans, or a future launch date.

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