May 25, 2022

Twitter has been seen making TweetDeck a premium feature through its Twitter Blue subscription service. According to reverse application engineer Jane Manchun WongWhile reviewing the mobile app’s code to discover features and upcoming changes in development, the social media giant is currently working on adding it to Twitter’s premium offering and adding it to Twitter Blue’s list of features on its Android app.

Wong recently revealed that Twitter is in the process of adding a link to TweetDeck to the list of Twitter Blue features on the company’s Android app. Wong discovered code in the app last week that restricted access to TweetDeck for users with a Twitter Blue subscription and redirected those who didn’t.

She also noted that if Twitter plans to continue making TweetDeck a paid feature under Twitter Blue, it will block millions of users who do not yet have access to the subscription service as they currently do. Only available in the US. Canada, Australia and New Zealand. TweetDeck is currently free and ad-free, making it a popular service for people who don’t want to use the Twitter web interface.

Asked about possible changes, a Twitter spokesperson told gaming-updates that the company currently has nothing to share.

Before the official launch of Twitter Blue last year, Bloomberg reported that Twitter’s upcoming subscription feature could charge people to use TweetDeck. But after the launch of Twitter Blue, the premium service didn’t mention TweetDeck, but launched with tools for organizing bookmarks, reading topics in an organized format, and an “undo” feature.

This wasn’t the first time Twitter had explored the idea of ​​asking users to pay for TweetDeck, and in 2017 the company was looking at ways to charge for the app. At the time, some Twitter users were asked to complete a survey. About what features they would like to see in Tweetdeck and whether they are willing to pay for an upgraded version of the service, but the concept has never been tested.

Twitter Blue initially launched in Australia and Canada in June 2021, followed by the US and New Zealand in November. As Twitter Blue expanded, it added early access to new features through its newly launched Twitter Labs and offered ad-free news articles from hundreds of publishers thanks to Twitter’s spring acquisition of Scroll. In the United States, the subscription service costs $2.99 ​​per month.

TweetDeck was originally created as a third-party app, but Twitter bought the company in 2011 for $40 million. The service makes it easy to manage and publish Twitter accounts, and provides a convenient way to view multiple timelines and feeds in one place.

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