May 23, 2022

apparently it wasn’t anyone April 1 jokeAs any true Twitter user knows, adding an edit button to a social media share is the deepest ideological chasm of our time, and Twitter is poised to move to the other side.

The company confirmed on Tuesday that it is indeed working on an edit button. Twitter started fiddling with the tweet editing option last year and will be testing it. Twitter Blue Labs, a corner of the platform’s premium subscription product where new features are tested. According to the company, Twitter Blue followers can expect a tweet edit button “in the coming months.”

The company has downplayed its interest in allowing users to edit tweets in the past, saying the feature is hardly on the priority list. But Twitter in 2022 is a very different beast, bearing little resemblance to the previously stable social platform no longer run by CEO Jack Dorsey, whose term is coming to an end due to the slowdown. investors. To increase business.

Even if Dorsey is out, you have to pick up the pace. Over the past two years, Twitter has gained momentum with all sorts of new products, with new features being developed quickly and sometimes as abandoned as they come. Fleets, Twitter’s experimental product for disappearing tweets, has been up and running less than a year after its official debut in November 2020.

The company first launched its Twitter Blue premium monthly subscription service just over a year ago and is generally poised to see what has happened in the past few months. This includes everything from TikTok-style video responses and photographer-friendly images to policy changes that transform platform rules into a living document that responds to global events.

Changes keep coming for Twitter. News broke on Monday that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter and taken a seat on its board of directors. In typical Musk fashion, the rebellious mega-billionaire blabbed about the edit button in a tweet the day before the company decided to make the announcement through official channels.

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