May 23, 2022

Twitter finally allows you to get banned for this story.

On Thursday, the company announced that it is testing a new way for users to remove themselves from conversations they don’t want to participate in. The company calls it “not to mention,” and while it’s a test for now, it’s one of many Twitter users who are tired of years of harassment and want to test it.

Anyone with a test feature can select the three-dot menu next to “Reply” to get a quick “get you out of this conversation” suggestion (released at last!) The popup tells you what to do if you leave the conversation . you will be tagged in replies, however your username will still be displayed.

The company declined to say how many users will see the testing feature, calling the test global but “small”. It’s only limited to the internet at the moment, so not everyone taking the test will call themselves mobile right now.

When a user is talking to themselves, their Twitter handle turns gray, indicating to other users that they have left the conversation and cannot be tagged in the thread again. Not to mention, this will also turn off notifications, forcing you to ignore the disgusting or otherwise objectionable things people send you.

In September, Twitter began testing an anti-abuse feature called Safe Mode, a setting that annoys users and can help us filter out abuse in general. While in safe mode, Twitter analyzes interactions and algorithmically bans accounts that abuse your way, spending hours looking at hateful replies to victims and manually banning accounts. The platform expanded testing in February and continues to gather feedback on a system designed to filter out widespread online abuse.

After a long period of inactivity, the social network recently developed anti-abuse features and offered users new tools, such as the ability to specify who can reply to tweets (all Twitter users, users they follow, or only the accounts they link to) . ). And even with the exception of anti-harassment tools, Twitter has more flexibility and user experience in general – even the ability to delete old tweets from websites that don’t, but have been visible.

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