May 26, 2022

TikTok is testing a new Watch History feature with some users to find videos displayed on their For You page that they were unable to save. Given the constant flow of content on TikTok, it’s common for users to accidentally refresh your For You page and lose the video before they have a chance to Like. It looks like TikTok is trying to solve this problem by adding this potential feature.

Asked if the company plans to expand the trial and roll out the feature to more users, TikTok told gaming-updates in an email that it currently has little information about the trial.

A spokesperson for gaming-updates asked for comment, “We’re always looking for new ways to add value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.”

twitter user hmmm ohSomeone who often searches for features that are currently being tested by social media platforms was the first to notice this feature, which was later noted by a social media consultant. Matt NavarraI hmod o and . Screenshot published Another Users specify that a user’s TikTok browsing history will be available in the Content and Activity section of the app’s settings.

The trial comes when some TikTok users found a workaround to find their lost video. Earlier this year, TikTok user “rachforaday” posted a video that walks through the process of finding lost videos on the platform. The video prompts users to go to the Discover page, click Search, enter an asterisk, go to the Search Filters tab, and activate the Watched Videos button. Once you click Apply, you will be presented with a list of the videos you have watched in the last seven days. Since then, the video has become extremely popular with over 32 million views and over 5.5 million likes.

This is not the only way to find lost videos on TikTok. In another solution, users go through the process of downloading all their data from the app in order to access a ZIP file showing their “video history”.

TikTok’s Watch History feature should make the process of finding lost videos much easier and eliminate the need for these workarounds.

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