February 2, 2023

The Space of Representatives licensed $40 billion in more help to Ukraine, however 57 Republicans voted towards. Listed below are their names.

Manu Raju of CNN tweeted the listing:

The standard pro-Russian suspects at the listing come with Bobert, Greene, Goetz, Cawthorne and Massey. The listing additionally contains pro-Russian individuals of the Space of Representatives who have been additionally implicated in Trump’s coup, corresponding to Jim Jordan and Scott Perry.

Earlier than the vote, Speaker Pelosi described the cowardice that ended up being supported through 57 Republicans within the Space of Representatives:

I feel it will be significant for American citizens to grasp that what Putin did was once no longer best an act of cruelty, but additionally an act of cowardice. Who however a coward would faux to visit battle and bomb a maternity health center? Who, if no longer cowards, would permit their infantrymen to hotel to cruelty to rape youngsters or their folks, girls and boys? Who isn’t a coward then will put those youngsters on trains and take them to Russia?

It’ll all be a question of duty sooner or later. However now we will have to come to the realization that this isn’t the case. This is going past civilized human conduct. Putin is a coward.

Seventy-seven Republicans within the Space of Representatives refused to toughen democracy. Learn the listing, memorize their names and, extra importantly, promise to do one thing to win over the delegates in November.

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