March 23, 2023

There are lots of implausible boss fights Soul Hacker 2, with extra to return within the Misplaced Numbers DLC. Being probably the most easiest characters in Soul Hacker 2It isn’t too sudden to look Nana go back for one ultimate battle within the enlargement, and it is a long way from a easy stumble upon.

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This time, Nana is a high-level boss who desires to break the residing, or no less than she’s seeking to inform herself so. Then again, with this information, someone can beat Nana in only some rounds and take care of the request like a professional.


The place can I in finding Nana within the Misplaced Numbers DLC?

After accepting Nana’s Lonely Center’s request, avid gamers must open the quick go back and forth menu. You want to visit the Hachigay coaching box after which use the elevator to visit the B13F flooring. There Ringo reveals Nana. After Ringo meets her, he has two alternatives: proceed or step down. Avid gamers must make a selection the previous if the squad is above point 63 and retreat if now not.

The way to beat Nana in Misplaced Numbers DLC

Image showing how to defeat Nana using her weakness in Soul Hackers 2.

To defeat Nana, avid gamers will have to weaken her with electrical assaults. Since Nana is vulnerable to electrical energy, Electro harm drains her HP briefly. It is best to keep away from coping with her demons and as a substitute center of attention on Nana herself as killing her can even break the demons. Avid gamers must additionally keep away from ice assaults on Nana as she is resistant to this sort of harm and absorbs shot and fireplace.

Nana summons Yushitsune and Kinnamon who lend a hand her deal extra harm and get buff. Then again, there’s no want to waste sources on it. As an alternative, avid gamers must stay hitting Nana because the demons will disappear when she is defeated.

The next are the most efficient strikes to defeat Nana:

  • Ziodyn
  • warfare cry
  • invalidate
  • Zandine
  • Pendant of the Waxing Moon (Merchandise)

What’s the praise for beating Nana?

The associated fee for defeating Nana is 45,000 yen and a pair of,992 EXP. Moreover, avid gamers will obtain Authentic Flame and HP Incense after reporting the end result to Madam Ginko.

What occurs after defeating Nana?

Ringo provides Nana the risk to have a standard lifestyles, which she accepts. She travels to town of her writer and meets new other people. Then again, avid gamers will obtain some other Nana-related request after the boss battle. After reporting the incidents to Madam, she asks Ringo to provide Nana the magazine of Gen Mayumi as a present. This facet quest referred to as The Homecoming will also be finished via going to Bar Heidrun and getting a desk.

Soul Hacker 2 is to be had now for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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