June 3, 2023

The ancestor of all titans, believed to be the foundation of all existence on earth, the “supply of all residing topic,” is an natural anomaly that bestowed the facility of the titans upon Ymir Fritz just about 2,000 years in the past first encountered in the beginning of the arena assault on Titan. The organism was once a being whose true traits and qualities are nonetheless moderately unclear. It existed in one of those symbiosis, repeatedly in search of different hosts to bond with. Via merging with different natural existence paperwork, the being was once in a position to dramatically modify their traits, as evidenced by means of how the tree it at the beginning inhabited grew to monumental proportions in comparison to the encompassing crops. Now not handiest is it the basis of the Titans’ energy, however it is usually the supply of the Founding Titan’s energy, so it binds to the backbone of any wielder of that specific Titan. Ymir first encountered the paradox when she was once being pursued by means of King Fritz’s infantrymen when she was once sentenced to demise for opening the gate to a pen, liberating a bunch of Eldian Tribe pigs. After stumbling injured towards an enormous tree, Ymir fell right into a pool of liquid within the trunk the place the being was once. Upon noticing Ymir, the organism reached out and certain itself to her backbone, making her the primary Founding Titan.

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Whilst the creature’s identify is moderately tentative, it’s been recognized by means of different nicknames all over historical past, relying on which aspect of the Eldia-Marley warfare the tale is telling. After Karl Fritz’s migration to the island of Paradis and Marley’s takeover of the continental mainland, the creature was once dubbed the “satan of all of the earth”, in line with Marley’s slanderous propaganda of the facility of the titans. Just like Hallucigenia, an insect-like organism that existed all the way through the Cambrian, the supply of all residing topic too can trade its personal measurement at will, displaying behaviors starting from sedentary and dormant to self sufficient and once in a while even competitive when involved together with her be separated its host. To grasp the facility of the titans, it is very important to check the real nature of this creature, whose life is liable for a lot of what occurs within the narrative assault on Titan.

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Origins and True Nature

source of everything

Described by means of Gabi Braun as a “luminous centipede”, the supply of all residing topic, as observed rising from Eren’s decapitated frame, has a spiky look, however lacks unique options reminiscent of eyes, a mouth, or a face of any sort. The creature in reality had a sequence of antennae on its head and again that unfold to different portions of its frame because it modified measurement and form. Not like maximum arthropods, to which it bears a putting resemblance, the paradox’s limbs and antennae are hooked up to the principle frame and display no segmentation in its construction. Due to this fact, the organism’s look keeps an amorphous persona, which is the reason for its skill to take other paperwork as wanted. The organism can have been just a meter lengthy when it first hooked up itself to Ymir’s backbone, but it surely grew to gigantic proportions that rivaled the ones of Reiner’s armored titan.

Zeke Yeager hypothesized that the supply of all residing topic can have been the foundation of all existence on earth, despite the fact that this idea has now not been totally showed after his preliminary proposition. Questions concerning the creature’s self-awareness are controversial, because it at all times appears to be in search of hosts to lend a hand it unfold, however continues to be moderately able to performing by itself when the placement requires it. As an example, it was once in a position to reattach itself to Eren’s severed head after he left his frame to cause his transformation into the Founding Titan. It additionally actively moved to merge with Ymir’s backbone when she fell into the pool of liquid in an enormous tree just about two millennia ahead of the beginning of Assault on Titan. In any case, all the way through the fight between Heaven and Earth at Castle Salta, the Anomaly left Eren’s Founding Titan frame and desperately attempted to discover a new host after Jean destroyed the relationship between the top and backbone. When the entity was once avoided from doing so by means of Reiner and Armin’s explosive transformation right into a colossal titan, it was more and more competitive and writhed towards its bonds, reuniting with Eren.

Grant the facility of the titans


As the cause of the Titans’ life, the supply of all residing topic may be liable for developing the trails that attach all Eldians around the limitations of area and time. It has steadily been speculated that the origins of the titans’ energy and the invisible bonds that bind the collective awareness of all of Ymir’s topics are a made of Ymir Fritz’s personal worry of vulnerability on account of her time within the servitude of King Fritz in addition to her want to flee the finality of demise. The trails may also go beyond demise, as titan shifters may just get right of entry to the recollections of earlier house owners thru them. All the flesh and bones that make up the our bodies of the titans are transported in the course of the paths all the way through the titans’ transformations in some way that has been in comparison to magic. As well as, a titan shifter’s regeneration may also be attributed to the being’s skill to toughen existence.

Past its position in beginning and facilitating Titan transformations, the being additionally shows sure qualities that endure similarities to the facility of the Founding Titan. First, it is somewhat sturdy, as proven by means of the truth that in its uncovered shape it might continue to exist the entire explosive pressure of a Colossal Titan transformation at shut vary. When the organism was once separated from Eren’s frame all the way through the Struggle Between Heaven and Earth, it even emitted a gaseous substance that behaved in a similar fashion to Zeke’s spinal fluid, turning any Eldians who inhaled it into natural Titans. As soon as this came about, it might command all Natural Titans to come back to its assist and struggle off the Armored Titans and Kartitans preventing to stop it from merging with its host frame once more to stop the rumble from resuming.

A undeniable lifetime of its personal


Whilst there may be robust proof that the paradox has a awareness and schedule of its personal, its want for a bunch frame and loss of autonomy upon reaching one counsel its symbiotic nature, pointing to a extra advanced set of parameters, who keep watch over their life. For the reason that being is liable for bestowing the facility of titans upon particular person hosts, it’s protected to suppose that small portions of its frame live inside of each and every titan shifter, whilst nearly all of its major frame is contained throughout the founding titan’s service. That is amplified when looking at the way in which titan powers are inherited – in the course of the intake of an present shapeshifter’s spinal fluid. Since this procedure started with Ymir’s daughters Maria, Rose, and Sheena force-feeding their mom’s corpse from their oppressive father, King Fritz, it is extremely most probably that it is living in a shape-shifter’s spine. In any case within the ultimate tables of assault on TitanAfter the destruction of the island of Paradis by means of artillery fireplace many years at some point, the tree below which Eren lies buried additionally grows to gigantic proportions and starts the cycle that started with Ymir once more.

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