March 23, 2023

A Hanna doll is an undead-type enemy in Ograne lairs, frequently paired with vampire, fly-type bats. What makes this doll tough to battle is her accrued injury. Each and every undead doll can deal 5000 dmg for its first assaultwhich is moderately intimidating – particularly for a novice Chained Echoes Participant. However like every different enemies, Hanna Dolls have their weaknesses. And this information unearths all of the cracks of their armor.

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The right way to beat Hanna Dolls?

To overcome Hanna Dolls deal a minimum of 5000 injury to everybody sooner than their flip. The accrued DMG that Hanna Dolls begins the battle with could also be her HP. They disappear (or die) when it reaches 0.


The important thing to killing Hanna Dolls is draining their energy sooner than they are able to react. In different phrases, avid gamers should prolong their flip, use the most efficient talents in stock, and ensure every doll has lower than 200 accrued injury sooner than it is their flip.

Image shows Hanna dolls in chained echoes.

What are the most efficient strikes for Hanna Dolls?

Assaults with a large space of ​​impact or those who impact a minimum of two enemies are ultimate. Ba’Thraz’s Summoned Assault, Sienna’s Yoki Giri, and Glenn’s Extensive Swing are very good choices for defeating Hanna Dolls.

As for enhance strikes, Amalia’s Heal All and Revive are must-haves. However Victor’s HP, TP, and Assault buffs also are at hand talents.

Be mindful two issues: Hanna Dolls haven’t any defenses. So do not waste TP at the Armor Wreck debuff. Additionally, pass with the best possible DPS strikes as a result of Undead-Sort is not susceptible towards any part.

For a better injury charge, discover ways to use SP and improve number one guns upfront.

What formation works easiest towards Hanna Dolls?

An optimum formation for Hanna Dolls are Glenn, Ba’Thraz, Mikah and Amalia. Glenn and Ba’Thraz are attackers on this squad, and Mikah and Amalia are helps. However it is usually vital to have Victor, Sienna, and Lenne as back-up characters.

Stated formation (Glenn, Ba’Thraz, Mikah, Amalia) works easiest towards Hanna Dolls, as Mikah’s Double Stride will increase agility, whilst Amalia buffs HP with Heal All, laying the groundwork for the opposite two by way of 10k to purpose injury.

The right way to beat Hanna Dolls when they’re with vampires?

Bat-looking vampires are low-light, flying-type. To defeat them, give a boost to the squad with Lenne’s Gentle Coat and mix Glenn’s Lightning Rod with different characters’ bodily assaults.

If vampires are paired with Hanna Dolls, don’t assault them. As an alternative, focal point at the dolls and get them out of the best way first. Then put force at the bats and get rid of them with Gentle-Sort assaults.

Chained Echoes is now to be had for Xbox, PlayStation, Transfer and PC.

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