March 23, 2023

Rocky Ocean is the 6th section in JoJo’s strange journey. It’s set after the occasions of JoJo: golden wind, and it covers the tale of Jolyne Cujoh, daughter of Jotaro. In Jolyne’s journey, she is framed for a homicide she didn’t devote.

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During the sequence, Jolyne faces many combatants who attempt to save you her from reaching her targets, however as a rule she comes out on best. In most cases, Jolyne makes use of the ability of Stone Unfastened to weigh down her enemies. Alternatively, there are some circumstances the place she is compelled to rack her brains. Jolyne’s intelligence is examined a number of occasions by means of the neatest characters Rocky Ocean.


7 Ermes

Ermes with her stand, kiss

Ermes used to be the primary particular person to befriend Jolyne in jail. She had dedicated crimes on objective with a purpose to be incarcerated in the similar jail as her sister’s killer, Sports activities Maxx. Being an best friend of Jolyne supposed Ermes needed to combat many enemies, and every so often their resistance wasn’t sufficient.

In such scenarios, Ermes had to make use of her mind. One such example of Ermes combining her stance and crafty got here right through her combat with Thunder McQueen, who used to be repeatedly seeking to kill them each. Ermes used her Stand’s skill to create copies of an object, permitting her to knock out McQueen’s discs. Ermes used to be no longer simplest sensible, but additionally very perceptive.

6 climate document

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Weather report from Jolyne Cujou's allies

The elements document is arguably one of the vital most powerful characters within the JoJo Collection. He used to be considered one of Jolyne’s maximum vital allies in Rocky Ocean. Climate Record performed a large section within the combat in opposition to Lang Rangler. He used his stand to create particular fits that cleared the path for Jolyne to carry down Pucci’s racquet. Climate Record’s steadfastness and wit made him Pucci’s biggest danger.

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The priest, conscious about the real energy of Climate Record, did the entirety he may just to fasten up his brother’s reminiscence disk. When Climate Record after all were given their arms at the disc, he unleashed Heavy Climate and just about killed Pucci. Sadly, he used to be hit by means of a automotive ahead of Climate Record may just end the activity.

5 Anasui

Anasui from the anime Stone Ocean

Anasui used to be madly in love with Jolyne and he used to be prepared to do the rest to stay her from hurt. In most cases, Anasui remained calm even in precarious scenarios, but if Jolyne’s lifestyles used to be at risk, he changed into very ruthless.

Anasui frequently used Diver Right down to set a entice for his enemies. For essentially the most section, those traps labored flawlessly, despite the fact that sure scenarios required a bit of extra making plans from Anasui. Fortunately he used to be an clever guy who may just devise a technique in an excessively little while. Anasui and his stand performed a the most important position within the ultimate combat in opposition to Enrico Pucci, who even admitted he needed to do away with Anasui to make sure victory.

4 Jolyne Cujoh

Jolyne Cujoh - The latest Jojo to use her power

Bearing in mind that Jolyne already had a robust Stand, she will have selected to depend fully on his energy, however she did not. During the sequence, Jolyne confirmed her resourcefulness in more than a few fights.

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Even if her stand used to be bodily robust, it did not all the time paintings in opposition to her combatants. Each time the location required Jolyne to switch her way, she used to be simply ready to switch her combating taste. Even with out her stand, Jolyne used to be an impressive fighter as a result of her intelligence. The manga centered extra on her bodily energy whilst the anime emphasised her intelligence.

3 Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci in the Stone Ocean anime

Enrico Pucci is the primary antagonist of Rocky Ocean. To most of the people in jail, he looked like an peculiar priest who longed to assist others of their making an attempt occasions. Alternatively, the reality used to be utterly other. Pucci used to be an ardent believer within the ideas of DIO and sought after to succeed in what his good friend could not.

Along with his meticulous making plans, Pucci controlled to power Jotaro to discuss with Jolyne in jail. He took good thing about Jotaro’s love for his daughter and made him make a significant mistake that allowed Pucci to thieve his discs. Pucci additionally manipulated different Stand customers into making his bids, appearing how crafty he used to be.

2 Dio

DIO in the stone ocean

DIO used to be no longer alive right through this time Rocky Ocean happened, however it confirmed up in Pucci’s flashbacks. DIO as soon as once more had an have an effect on at the tale because it used to be his concept that were given Pucci chasing after Jolyne and Jotaro.

DIO instructed Pucci how he may just succeed in “heaven” by means of awakening the sequence’ most powerful stand. Along with his wisdom of attaining “heaven,” DIO knew so much in regards to the several types of stalls and the way they labored. The entirety DIO stated to Pucci helped increase Whitesnake into Made In Heaven.

1 Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo in prison

Jotaro Kujo is arms down the neatest persona in Rocky Ocean. He used to be ready to discern his combatants’ talents simply by taking a look at them. Jotaro would then discover a counter to her talents and defeat her with minimum effort. He used to be ready to determine that they had been being attacked by means of two other stands. He used to be one step forward of his combatants and it used to be extraordinarily tricky for them to defeat him.

Jotaro additionally had numerous wisdom about stalls and the way they labored and that used to be one of the vital major causes Pucci attacked him. A few of Jotaro’s choices in Rocky Ocean had been lovely reckless. Alternatively, he simplest made those choices to save lots of his daughter. This option supposed he wasn’t the chilly particular person he was.

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