June 6, 2023

In Warzone 2.0, FJX Imperium is a bolt motion sniper in keeping with The CheyTac Intervention actual anti-material rifle. And it is some of the best 4 snipers in Season 3 that may nonetheless get one-shot kills after the preliminary nerf. Excluding the MCPR-300, FJX Empire outperforms all different SRs and earns the identify of the second one hottest long-range weapon within the sport. However with all of the contemporary adjustments struggle zone 2For the Sniper Rifles, avid gamers need to know if Intervention continues to be within the META. And if this is the case, what’s the most efficient loadoutMagnificence construction and tuning?

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The Easiest Construct for FJX Imperium (Intervention)

Image shows the FJX Empire (aka Intervention) in Warzone 2.0.

To create the most efficient loadout for FJX Imperium, avid gamers wish to optimize accuracy, steadiness, and function. And for that, they should be provided with the Nilsound 90 muzzle, Fahrenheit 29-inch barrel, VLK LZR 7MW laser, Forge TAC Delta 4 optics and .408 high-explosive ammunition. This setup is perfect because it makes Intervention a one-shot-kill sniper.

FJX Empire Attachment

Most suitable option


Nile Sound 90


Fahrenheit 29″




Forge TAC Delta 4


.408 explosives


Box wrapped care for

Rear care for



FJX Lux-7

Gamers searching for a quicker ADS must imagine incorporating the Box-Wrapped Care for decrease barrel, Cranium 40 rear grip, and FJX Lux-7 shaft into their builds. Alternatively, you must notice that the objective idle steadiness penalty for FJX Lux-7 shares has been larger, which must be mitigated via tuning.

The best tuning for FJX Imperium

Image showing how to tune the FJX Imperium sniper rifle in Warzone 2.

Since FJX Imperium is a bolt-action weapon, it must be tuned for decrease pace, quicker ADS, and extra differ and injury. In fact, it will come at the price of a slower fee of fireplace and deficient dealing with. However that is an unavoidable facet of establishing an efficient sniper rifle.

To optimize FJX Imperium for height efficiency and one-hit-downs:

  • Nile Sound 90: ↑-1.15 → +0.75
  • Fahrenheit 29″: ↑ +0.30 → +0.34
  • VLK LZR 7MW: ↑ -0.45 → -46.06
  • Forge TAC Delta 4: ↑ -2.75 → +0.55
  • .408 explosives: ↑ +0.60 → +8.10

Gamers the use of the ADS optimized construct must additionally track the grips and shaft as follows:

  • Box wrapped care for: ↑ -1.15 → +0.55
  • skull-40: ↑ -1.50 → +0.45
  • FJX Lux-7: ↑ -4.00 → -2.40

Easiest benefits for the intervention sniper

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium sniper rifle in loadout

As a sniper rifle, FJX Imperium advantages from perks like Overkill, Double Time, Speedy Hand, Prime Alert, Spotter, and Ghost. However the next perk package deal is probably the greatest of all of them.

  • Base Perk 1: Exaggerated.
  • Base Perk 2: Double time.
  • bonus get advantages: Spotter.
  • Final Merit: Prime alert.
  • Tactical: Smoke or stun grenade.
  • deadly: Semtex.

Warzone 2.0 is to be had now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Sequence X & S.

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