March 22, 2023

Swords have all the time performed a large section in Eastern custom and tradition, so it is just herbal that they’re so prevalent in anime. The artwork of sword preventing is steeped in intrigue and thrill, making it a welcome deal with for anime enthusiasts when an anime includes a persona wielding a sword as their major weapon of selection.

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Sword-wielding characters in most cases have an overly robust air of mystery that emanates from them and makes enthusiasts fall in love with them. It is all the time a excitement to revel in the motion scenes with such characters. All it takes is a well-choreographed battle scene for those characters to realize mainstream consideration, as evidenced by means of probably the most iconic swordsmen in anime.


6 Levi Ackerman


Levi Ackerman is among the maximum necessary characters within the extensively widespread collection assault on Titan. Levi is a member of the army group referred to as the Recon Corps and certainly one of their best opponents. Exceptionally adept at preventing the menacing Titans, he’s additionally the captain of Levi Squad.

Like several Scouts, Levi makes use of Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, a weapon constructed only to kill Titans. Levi is a professional with maneuvering apparatus and will deal fatal blows to his enemies together with his blades. Whilst no longer a swordsman within the conventional sense, Levi is an outstanding fighter who fights with sharp and strong blades.

5 Department

branch (1)

Asta is a noisy and quirky man who serves as the primary actor on the preferred Shonen display. Black clover. Asta is an orphan born and not using a magical talent in an international the place magic is the entirety. Fortuitously for him, Asta can nonetheless grow to be a member of the Magic Knight Squad referred to as the Black Bulls after having access to his mythical five-leaf clover spellbook and Demon Dweller sword.

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The Demon Dweller sword permits Asta to dispel all sorts of magic, making him an especially overpowered persona. Because the display progresses, he additionally reveals the Demon Slasher sword, which permits him to chop via all magical limitations and shields. Due to his robust frame, Asta can wield his two swords with fantastic velocity and precision.

4 Tanjiro Kamado


Tanjiro Kamado stars in probably the most highest new shonen presentations of this decade: Demon Hunter. Tanjiro used to be an extraordinary boy who used to be compelled into taking at the function of a demon slayer to avenge his circle of relatives and save his sister from loss of life after she used to be changed into a demon. Tanjiro wields a katana named Nichirin Blade, which takes on a colour dependent at the nature of its person.

Tanjiro’s blade has a singular black hue that symbolizes his unwavering decision and can to offer protection to others. Of the numerous respiring kinds featured at the display, Tanjiro mastered the water respiring methodology. On this taste, Tanjiro’s actions mimic the go with the flow of water, making him extraordinarily agile and strong.

3 Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo (1)

Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of the preferred Shonen collection Bleaching, who by chance turns into a soul reaper. As a Soul Reaper, Ichigo wields the mythical sword referred to as Zangetsu to fight his enemies and ruin hollows. Zangetsu is an impressive sword with more than one paperwork. In its unreleased state, it seems that as a easy katana, whilst in its freed shape, it grows in dimension and sharpens in keeping with Ichigo’s will.

Zangetsu has an much more robust shape that may be noticed when Ichigo makes use of the robust Bankai methodology, and then the sword turns an inky black hue, making Ichigo immensely robust within the procedure. Ichigo can carry out many robust strikes with the assistance of his sword, the preferred being the Getsuga Tensho.

2 Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha (2)

Sasuke Uchiha is among the most well liked characters from the well-known Shonen display Naruto. Sasuke is a talented shinobi properly versed within the nature of the hearth and lightning chakras and possesses fantastic skills due to his Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan. Whilst Sasuke’s eyes are beautiful iconic on their very own, they are no longer the one equipment he is dependent upon in fight. Sasuke additionally wields a katana known as Kusanagi which makes him much more flexible in his preventing taste.

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With the Kasunagi at his aspect, Sasuke has taken on many enemies in melee fight. Sasuke additionally makes use of the Kasunagi to channel his Lightning nature regularly within the type of his iconic transfer, the Chidori. This is helping cement his standing as no longer handiest probably the most robust characters within the collection, but in addition probably the most iconic anime sword wielders of all time.

1 Roronoa Zoro


Roronoa Zoro is a personality from the long-running and a success Shonen display One piece and is among the maximum iconic swordsmen in all of anime. He wields no longer one, no longer two, however 3 swords directly whilst the usage of his iconic Santoryu taste. He’s a talented swordsman and a fierce fighter who has confronted many enemies.

He is additionally fought with the sector’s most powerful swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, and whilst he is been surpassed, he is held his personal for fairly some time. Zoro’s mythical sword names come with the Wado Ichimonji, the Sandai Kitetsu, and the Shusui. He has used different swords all the way through the display, however those have both been misplaced or destroyed.

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