November 26, 2022

Lincoln calls the undertaking’s gross sales consultant, Alice Stefanik (R-NY), a traitor who sinisterly seeks energy and makes use of white substitute idea to develop into the chief of MAGA.

Video announcement:

The important thing word within the advert: “Buffalo paid in blood for the speculation of white substitute, which she promotes for the sake of energy.”

Tough propaganda is directed in opposition to Stefanik’s pro-corporations similar to House Depot and Value Waterhouse, claiming that those companies owe her 1000’s of greenbacks, which she makes use of to run racist advertisements for white substitute idea.

“Ellis was once inducted into The usa’s elite at Harvard,” Lincoln Mission co-founder Rick Wilson stated in a commentary to PoliticsUSA. “He was once groomed for management through other people like President Paul Ryan and President George W. Bush. However that ambition has become an insatiable lust for energy. She’s going to defeat Kevin McCarthy. She incites violence – unspeakable – violence within the identify of her ambitions. Stefanik is aware of what he’s doing, he’s acutely aware of the human price, he wakes up each morning and says: “Extra”.

The Lincoln Mission produces probably the most perfect political advertisements, and as ex-Republicans, they know how to create brutal advertisements that push the Republican button, which maximum Democratic advertisers do not. They are able to discuss Republican languages, and the Lincoln Mission advert accommodates the brutal reality about patriots running to avoid wasting democracy.

The advert will even air digitally within the Stefanik community of Watertown, New York.

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