March 23, 2023

BIRD WINGS –Historical past of the Golfing Women is an exhilarating sports activities anime constructed round one of the crucial prestigious sports activities on the earth. Particularly underrepresented on the earth of anime and manga, golfing is the realm the place the BIRD WINGS The narrative unfolds, exploring a keenness and love for the game from two fully other views.

Pushed most commonly via its solid of attention-grabbing characters, BIRD WINGS brings in combination golfing, femininity, privilege and the rule of thumb of cash in a single sensible display. With season two via BIRDIE WING –Historical past of the Golfing Women Premiered in April, so you’ll want to make this hole-in-one display your subsequent binge.


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plot and background

BIRDIE WING - History of the Golf Girls
BIRDIE WING – Historical past of the Golfing Women

BIRD WINGS follows a teenage woman named Eve Aleon who has turn into widely recognized within the underground golfing playing scene for destroying quite a lot of combatants. Dubbed the “rainbow ball” via proponents of underground golfing, Eve makes a dwelling beating probably the most hardest combatants along with her talent to be the most efficient with simply 3 golfing golf equipment. After completely demoralizing a promising younger ability, Eve is crushed via Aoi Amawashi, a Jap golfing prodigy who involves the Eu nation of Nafrece to compete in a golfing event. Regardless of her very best efforts, Eve is not any fit for the ability that crushes her combatants with a grin that has earned Aoi the nickname “the blameless bully.” Following their fit, Eve and Aoi turn into involved in each and every different as their very other approaches to the sport conflict in some way that best serves to hone the talents of each geniuses.

BIRD WINGS – Historical past of the Golfing Women is an unique anime undertaking operating from April 2022 to June 2022 for 13 episodes, produced via TV Tokyo, with animation manufacturing via the team of workers of Bandai Namco Studios. The anime was once introduced in October 2021, with the second one season first introduced in June 2022 and at the beginning slated to premiere in January 2023. On the other hand, BIRD WINGS Season 2 will arrive this April as a substitute. The primary season was once streamed via Crunchyroll when it aired in Japan. The forged of BIRD WINGS Comprises Akari Kitō (Nezuko Kamado, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)who performs Eve Aleon; and Asami Seto as Aoi Amawashi. The sequence is directed via Takayuki Inagaki, recognized for his paintings at the Sunabouzu (wilderness punk) anime launched in 2004. The sequence consists via Yousuke Kuroda, with storyboarding via Takayuki Inagaki and artwork design via Toshiyuki Sakae. The sequence’ opening theme is “Venus Line” carried out via Kohmi Hirose; whilst the finishing theme is “Yodaka” via Tsukuyomi.


BIRDIE WING Characters
BIRDIE WING Characters


The protagonist of the sequence is strong-willed, cussed and self-confident BIRD WINGS is the bold same old sports activities anime protagonist with an immense power to be successful; On the other hand, she has no longer lived a privileged lifestyles that permits her to play golfing like maximum other folks do. For Eve, golfing is not only a recreation, it is an approach to life, and her taste of play displays the life-or-death nature of the lifestyles she needed to are living so as to continue to exist. Their expansion and construction in an unforgiving atmosphere has made them a ruthless golfing device with an competitive and unconventional manner. Regardless of all of this, Eve is a golfer who best values ​​a sport performed moderately, and her interest for the sport reasons her to expand an immense hobby in Aoi, who’s a notch upper when she is offered.

Aoi Amawashi

The rival offered to Eve within the first two episodes of the sequence, Jap golfing prodigy Aoi Amawashi is the genetic undertaking of 2 Jap golfing legends. Along with her all-star DNA, Aoi has an immense ability for the sport and an atmosphere that has made her an indomitable champion of golfing. On the other hand, Aoi’s largest weapon is not her folks or her construction, however her blameless pleasure in taking part in in any respect ranges and her incapacity to really feel drive from the game. Her atmosphere and upbringing are the polar reverse of Eve’s; On the other hand, the conflict in their opposing play kinds takes them each to a long way larger heights than they ever concept conceivable.

Amane Shinjo

Amane, Aoi’s caddy and very best buddy, is extremely a professional about quite a lot of issues and makes use of this to Aoi’s merit when out at the fairway. Her characterization leaves her relegated to secondary personality standing as her whole position within the tale will depend on and is expounded to Aoi and her construction.


Rose, an acquaintance of Eve’s from the underground golfing global, is one thing of a supervisor who sends Eve to quite a lot of jobs. She meddles with Eve’s golfing sport in quite a lot of techniques to extend her affect over her whilst additionally serving to to expand Eve as an immensely professional golfer, which in flip would make her a much more profitable asset.


Eve and Aoi - BIRDIE WING ending theme
Eve and Aoi – BIRDIE WING finishing theme

gentle and darkness

The principle theme that underpins the start of the primary tale and the advance of the primary characters is distinction, specifically that of Eve and Aoi, but additionally on the stage of golfing itself, introduced in its auspicious reliable capability, in addition to one related to playing underground job. that is that BIRD WINGS The principle thematic part of the sequence, as the speculation of ​​distinction permeates the tale, is very similar to how this kind of thought is gifted within the Shonen media. Eve’s affiliation with the gritty, dirty underground and Aoi’s affiliation with primitive and right kind care are facets expressed thru her characterization, appears, playstyle, or even her relationships with different characters, and because of this Eve represents one “of the concrete.” ‘ Developmental point of view that contrasts the grown up technique to Aoi’s personality.

playing and probability


Coming from a coarse upbringing, to not point out attending golfing video games that folks guess on for leisure, Eve’s personality may be closely influenced via the abstraction of playing – the “all or not anything” technique to playing her taste of golfing is influenced via her setting and the lifestyles she needed to are living to continue to exist. Eve’s spontaneity additionally suits that individual component, and she or he has a tendency to push for issues she needs on account of it. There is additionally the sheer twist of fate of Eve and Aoi’s assembly that units the primary occasions of the sequence in movement within the first position, bringing colour again into the sector that Eve had lengthy seen as grey and uninteresting.

In overall

Introducing Eve – BIRDIE WING
Introducing Eve – BIRDIE WING

In overall, BIRD WINGS is a a laugh and thrilling sports activities anime that is going immediately to motion and drama, with nice characters and wonderful animations that accompany the nature design that does not at all times scream golfing however is attention-grabbing nevertheless.

The aggressive personality of the primary characters in addition to the abruptly prime power stage of the sequence make up for it BIRD WINGS Reside a long way from the revel in of observing actual golfing, however as with quite a lot of sports activities anime, golfing is the channel in which a tale of teen, festival and want is informed; and this one is undoubtedly well worth the watch.

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