June 5, 2023

One piece is going into overdrive with its newest manga chapters, taking enthusiasts on a curler coaster journey of ups and downs. The enthusiasts are in nice pleasure and are loss of life to grasp what came about on Egghead Island, what came about to Reverie on Mary Geoise, how Sabo controlled to flee from the island that disappeared from the face of the earth and solutions to others Questions of this nature are requested by way of the enthusiasts. Eiichiro Oda by no means ceases to amaze and drop nice divulge bombs on enthusiasts of One pieceHis storytelling taste is understood for making nice foreshadowings and development to fulfilling climaxes with out fail.

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However once in a while Oda underestimates that One piece Enthusiasts as once in a while the enthusiasts are too good and stay speculating what is going to occur within the manga’s tale arc and even what is going to occur one day of the tale One piece. They get a hold of some excellent fan theories in regards to the plot One piece, there are too many fan theories to even point out, however some fan theories are extra workable and urban than others and a type of concrete theories is the crimson line principle. This principle is likely one of the fan theories that experience the very best likelihood of being confirmed true because the manga progresses.

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The Pink Line Concept

Characters in One Piece

The One piece The fan principle turned into in style round 2017 on quite a lot of platforms similar to Reddit and YouTube. It’s speculated that the endgame of One piece would come with the destruction of the Pink Line, a perfect wall-like continent dividing the only Blue Sea into 4 seas: East Blue, West Blue, South Blue, and North Blue. The crimson line is going from the skin to deep all the way down to the seabed. The speculation is going on to mention that the Pink Line could be destroyed as it will resolve many issues and satisfy the ambitions of a large number of primary characters. Sanji will ultimately have the ability to in finding the All Blue when the Pink Line is destroyed and the cleavage that created the Blue Sea could also be destroyed.

On account of the Pink Line’s destruction, Brook shall be reunited with Laboon, Frankie would be the shipbuilder of a boat that has sailed around the globe, and the Mary Geoise can be destroyed in conjunction with the Pink Line, thereby perishing the kingdom and authority of the Celestials dragon. This might additionally imply Fishman Island would go back to the skin, which means Madame Sharly’s imaginative and prescient may just come true. Additionally, Nami will have the ability to map the entire global. For Luffy, his definition of turning into the Pirate King is turning into the individual with essentially the most freedom on this planet, and the Pink Line represents a drawback to freedom because it represents a boundary that restricts the place one is going can, and subsequently it isn’t simple to ruin Luffy, but in addition the arena turns into freer. With the autumn of the Pink Line and no divisions within the Blue Sea, the arena could be other One pieceand historical past would come complete circle.

Conceivable demanding situations for the speculation

Gold D Roger

The speculation has developed over time since 2017 because it was once at first speculated that former pirate king Gol D. Roger’s treasure was once some of the historic guns, in all probability Pluton or Uranus, supposed for use to wipe out the Pink Line. On the other hand, with contemporary trends within the historical past of , this a part of the speculation has been changed One piece As Oda printed on the finish of the Wano Land arc that the traditional weapon Pluton is buried deep underneath Wano and with the intention to free up it, Wano Land will have to be opened to the arena by way of destroying its borders.

The speculation additionally faces a large number of demanding situations within the type of questions similar to: Why did not Roger ruin the Pink Line himself or with the assistance of his group? The solution to this query is lovely transparent, which is that Roger’s time wasn’t proper, as he himself mentioned when he and his group discovered Pleasure Boy’s treasure on Snort Story, and that there was once nonetheless time to go back Pleasure Boy.

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Every other primary problem to this principle was once how Fishman Island may just get to the skin after the Pink Line was once destroyed. After the destruction of the Pink Line, the princess of the Fishman island Shirahoshi, who’s the traditional weapon of Poseidon and has the facility to command the entire sea kings, used her energy to reserve them to tug the Noah (an enormous send) filled with the Fishman other people -Island to the skin. On the other hand, all of that is simply commendable fan principle, no less than for now, and will simplest be showed as the tale of One piece is coming near its finish, which simplest the creative thoughts of Eiichiro Oda is aware of in the meanwhile.

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