June 5, 2023

There are lots of nice armor units in the market The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one in all which is the Soldier Armor. It may not be probably the most visually attention-grabbing set, and it does not include a collection bonus when totally upgraded, however its above-average defensive talents and somewhat low improve value make it a cast selection for any budding adventurer. It additionally is helping that avid gamers can get the Soldier Armor virtually right away after falling to the skin, making it extremely helpful within the early levels of the sport.

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As with every different armor units The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomThe soldier armor set is composed of 3 portions. What units it except many different units, then again, is that each one 3 items are somewhat shut in combination, permitting avid gamers to get to the soldier armor briefly and simply. They do have a large number of rock smashing to do even though, so you’ll want to top off on rock smashing guns and bomb flora ahead of you get started.

The best way to get Soldier Armor in Tears of the Kingdom


To get their fingers at the soldier armor set, avid gamers will want to head down into the Royal Hidden Passage. To do that, they must head north from Lookout Touchdown and in the course of the gates blockading the way in which as much as Hyrule Fortress. In the event that they have not already, they are able to open the gates with Hyperlink’s Ultrahand skill. Should you then practice the trail in entrance of you, you are going to come to an front flanked through two bushes at coordinates -0320, 0781, 0074.


Equipped they have got already finished the Into the Kingdom of Hyrule primary tale quest, avid gamers can head within, the place they will have to use Ultrahand once more to boost two heavy steel gates. After going up some stairs, chances are you’ll need to flip left after which take the primary door you succeed in at the left. This leads down some stairs, on the finish of which avid gamers must flip left once more. To start with look, this seems to be a useless finish, however through the usage of Hyperlink’s Ultrahand skill to open a trapdoor, avid gamers can expose some way down into the Royal Hidden Passage.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom How to get the Soldiers Armor Set 03 Tombstone

Should you practice this trail for some time, avid gamers can be ambushed through a Black Horriblin. His lengthy weapon and fast mobility make him bad, but when avid gamers can hit him within the butt with an arrow they must have little bother taking him down. Should you stay going, you can quickly come to a Purple Chuchu and a few steps main down. On the backside you are going to to find what seems to be a tombstone with some attention-grabbing lore engraved on it.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom How-to-get-the-Soldiers-Armor-Set-04-Glowstones

Reverse this tombstone, avid gamers will discover a blocked passage and must due to this fact use Bomb Flower Arrows or a Stone Crusher weapon to continue: a not unusual theme down within the Royal Hidden Passage. At the different aspect there are a couple of stone pebbles and a few sparkling rocks that avid gamers want to wreck to get to a brand new space underneath. Heading north right here will take you to a pit with a Bubbulfrog in it, however avid gamers must as a substitute take the south hall, which can make them a extra open space with a Surprise Like.


After turning off Surprise Like, avid gamers must wreck in the course of the rocks to their left (-0265, 0649, -0012) after which practice the passageway down and to their left. They quickly come to a big cairn at the proper, with what seems like an archway jutting out from the highest. Right here they must use air assaults to transparent a trail, which they are able to do through urgent X to leap after which urgent Y to assault whilst nonetheless within the air. This will likely let them get in the course of the archway and to the small dungeon at the different aspect.

Zelda Tears Of Kingdom How To Get Soldier Armor Set 06 Soldier Armor

Earlier than doing the rest, avid gamers must handle the 2 bokoblins, then flip their consideration to the small mobile at the proper with the huge boulder within. In the event that they use Ultrahand to transport this boulder, they are able to fall right into a passage underneath after which practice it a brief distance. As soon as on the different finish, avid gamers must use Hyperlink’s Ascension skill, then briefly maintain the Bokoblin mendacity in wait. After that, they are able to open the chest (-0267, 0638, -0035) and get the Soldier Armor Set Chestpiece.

The best way to get the soldier helmet in Tears of the Kingdom


Now that they have got the Soldier’s Armor Chestpiece, avid gamers must drop into the close by hollow and practice the passage again to the outlet underneath the small mobile. They are able to then use “Up” once more to go back to the primary a part of the dungeon after which pass in the course of the archway they unlocked a bit previous. Reverse this archway is some other passageway, once more blocked through particles. Breaking those stones and the only on the finish of the small stone bridge in the back of it’ll drop avid gamers into some water and a big cave filled with ore.


Should you practice this loop of water to the left, you can come to some other archway blocked through particles. If avid gamers wreck the bricks, they’ll to find themselves in some other small dungeon the place they have got to maintain a relatively bad Ice Like. It is best to try this from a distance to keep away from freezing to demise. After defeating the Ice Like, avid gamers are unfastened to open the chest (-0230, 0467, -0039) and obtain the second one piece of soldier armor: the soldier helmet.

The best way to get Soldier’s Greaves in Tears of the Kingdom


To get the final piece of the soldier armor set, avid gamers must return in the course of the archway after which practice the water to the left. There are some Keese right here and a bluish breakable wall with some ore in the back of it, however avid gamers must stay following the trail till their development is blocked through extra rocks. In fact, those will have to be destroyed, and the Moblins at the different aspect will have to even be defeated. Avid gamers can then pass some other stone bridge and breach some other wall at the different aspect.


After coping with a couple of extra stone pebbles, avid gamers must flip their consideration to the huge pile of rubble to their proper, which in flip seems to be hiding some other archway. A couple of soar assaults will take avid gamers to a last dungeon the place some other stone pebble and a normal like look forward to. As soon as completed, avid gamers can open the chest (-0307, ​​0281, -0006) to acquire the Soldier’s Greaves, which might be the overall piece of the Soldier’s Armor set.

The best way to improve the soldier armor set in Tears of the Kingdom

The soldier's armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As with every different armor units Tears of the KingdomAvid gamers can improve the soldier’s armor to beef up his protection talents through visiting the 4 Nice Fairies. Sadly, this does not release a collection bonus, however it may help in making Soldier armor one of the crucial easiest defensive armor units in the market Tears of the Kingdom. When all 3 items are maxed out, avid gamers get an implausible 84 protection stat, which is the best possible overall stat within the recreation.


Protection Worth (in keeping with piece)

improve fabrics



  • Chuchu jelly (5)
  • Bokoblin Guts (3)
  • rubies (10)



  • Keese Eyeballs (5)
  • Moblin Guts (3)
  • rubies (50)



  • Lizalfos Tail (3)
  • Hinox Guts (3)
  • flint (30)
  • rubies (200)



  • Lynel Hoof (5)
  • Lynne Guts (5)
  • Amber (30)
  • Rubies (500)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had for the Nintendo Transfer.

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