November 22, 2022

Rep. Ted Lew (D-CA) had not anything from the GOP to pearls on Ideal Court docket safety.


Rape. Lew mentioned: “There is not any doubt that the Democrats need to offer protection to staff and their households who obtain threats from right-wing activists who intimidate from afar. Do you wish to have to speak about bullying? Can I inform you what bullying is? It was once Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol on January 6, massacring 140 law enforcement officials. That is intimidation.”

Republicans in Congress wish to speak about anything else however the assault at the Capitol. The Republican Birthday party handiest cares about weapons and safety when it may galvanize one of the vital six justices of the Ideal Court docket.

Ideal Court docket Justices have already got US Marshals guarding their houses. How a lot further coverage do they want?

Excluding Brett Kavanaugh’s circle of relatives, extra federal taxpayers fund our scholars than give protection to them.

The actual risk is the 1/6 assault. The actual risk is that the police are afraid to go into the school room to prevent the shooter as he’s armed with a military weapon this is so tough that it might simply kill all of them.

Those are actual threats, and those are subjects Republicans do not wish to speak about.

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