June 3, 2023

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  • Yomizuk Shrine Walkthrough (Raurus Blessing)

One of the new sanctuaries in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are advanced efficiency feats that take a look at your mastery of the sport’s new skills and bodily interactions. For others, like Yomizuk Shrine, an engineering level isn’t very important. Find out how to get there, on the other hand, is every other query.

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Because the blessing shrine of Rauru, the problem of Yomizuk Shrine lies out of doors. However there is not any inexperienced crystal to move or time trial to finish right here – as a substitute Tears of the Kingdom Gamers simply have to observe the tides upward push and fall and make it thru a flooded cave with out drowning.

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Location of Yomizuk Shrine

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Yomizuk Shrine Location Tarm Point Cave Lanayru Great Spring Zoras Domain

The Yomizuk Shrine is positioned throughout the Lanayru space of ​​Hyrule, in particular in Tarm Level Cave. As with probably the most different Raurus Blessing Shrines within the space, the Yomizuk Shrine merely calls for avid gamers to go a flooded cave, succeed in the shore, and input.

Pass to Coordinates (4474, -0818, 0037) to seek out the doorway to Tarm Level Cave. This cave is reasonably other from different flooded channels in Hyrule its waters will upward push and fall rhythmic, masking spots Hyperlink can stand on each few seconds.

Yomizuk Shrine Walkthrough (Raurus Blessing)

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Yomizuk Shrine Location Tarm Point Cave Ice Spear Trick Frozen Water

There are 3 approaches to getting thru Tarm Level Cave. The primary approach that avid gamers can use to get to Yomizuk Shrine on the finish is simply swim there. There are lots of puts Hyperlink can stand, and with a couple of items of Zora’s armor, this can also be executed considerably sooner than every other approach.

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Gamers can too Construct a ship the use of portions and Zonai units discovered across the cavehowever the emerging and falling water and stumbling blocks which might be most effective visual at low tide make it tough to get thru. The absolute best means To get thru Tarm Level Cave is to make use of a weapon that may shape ice platforms in water. Connect an Ice Lizalfos Horn to a stick or a Sapphire to a wand for simple waterwalking.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Yomizuk Shrine Location Tarm Point Cave Bubbulfrog

As soon as avid gamers succeed in the top of the cave, they’ve no selection however to head inside of, take the treasure, and obtain Raurus Segen (the Gentle of Blessing). It is not the sector’s most intricate problem, however the emerging and falling tides could make avid gamers consider carefully about which option to take.

However do not rush throughout the cave as there’s one essential forestall avid gamers will have to make – the bubble frog. Round midway into Tarm Level Cave Gamers will understand a reasonably hidden spin space. Undergo this space and input the shore to peer a Bubbulfrog at the wall. Purpose an arrow at its tip Earlier than Hyperlink can blow it up, let it fly after which gather the Bubbul Gem prior to heading to the Yomizuk Shrine. As with many underground sanctuaries, that is The best way to get out of the Yomizuk Shrine space is to climb it throughout the ceiling after exiting.

What is within the chest at Yomizuk Shrine?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Yomizuk Shrine Location Tarm Point Cave Chest Diamond

Within the chest of the Yomizuk Shrine is an merchandise of very particular price: a diamond Value 500 rupees, it’s used for upgrades and will function an important detonator for guns. After collecting this subject material – and internally debating if it is morally proper and economically viable to copy this treasured gem – head to the top of the shrine to obtain a Gentle of Blessing.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had at the Nintendo Transfer.

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