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  • The best way to get to Sihajog Shrine?
  • Sihajog Shrine Walkthrough (Raurus Blessing)

There are 120 new sanctuaries The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom at the floor of Hyrule and any other 32 shrines are positioned at the sport’s new sky islands. Many sanctuaries in Tears of the Kingdom pose a problem for gamers even if they do not comprise a physics puzzle, and gaining access to the Sihajog Shrine is relatively a amusing problem certainly.

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Like different boon shrines of Rauru, the Sihajog Shrine gives gamers a treasure chest and a mild of boon inside of. On the other hand, at the sky island it is positioned on, Hyperlink has to compete in a skydive time trial to even achieve access. Attaining the bottom is sufficient to open the shrine, however beating the present document will release a novel new piece of armor Tears of the Kingdom.

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The best way to get to Sihajog Shrine?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sihajog Shrine Skyview Tower Sky Island location

In particular, Sihajog Shrine is positioned within the Lanayru Nice Spring Sky above Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower at Coordinates (3844, -1331, 0541). This Skyview Tower is the one who finds maximum of Southeast Hyrule, together with the village of Hateno and naturally the Mount Lanayru area. It is to hand for purchasing en path to the Nice Spring of Lanayru or after you have finished the Water Temple, as it is a quite quick deviation from the principle path to Zora’s Area.


After unlocking and activating Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, Hyperlink flies into the sky and is given a map of the realm. As soon as he’s controllable once more, start gliding northeast. Gamers will have to have the ability to see A sequence of towering pillars leads up, however we purpose down. Search for what seems to be a small platform with a big pool of water at one finish.

Then land within the pool of water Communicate to the steward assemble that stands by way of the water. It is going to tell hyperlink a couple of Skydiving Problemwhich will have to be finished to realize get admission to to the Sihajog Shrine.

Sihajog Shrine Walkthrough (Raurus Blessing)

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sihajog Shrine Valor Island Lanayru Great Sprint Sky

The Sihajog Shrine is underneath a location referred to as Valor Island, which Hyperlink is shipped to after talking to the foot of the Steward Assemble. Technically, gamers who succeed in the highest of the Pillars of Heaven earlier than talking to the assemble can nonetheless skydive and release the shrine.

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On the other hand, it is price taking part within the time trial model of the parachute leap relatively than going there on my own, because the assemble teleports Hyperlink up and is the one strategy to release the Float set’s headpiece.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sihajog Shrine Walkthrough Parachuting Time Trial on Valor Island

Talk to the Steward Assemble close to the pool underneath Valor Island and it’s going to teleport Hyperlink up, loose the primary time. A countdown begins from right here and Hyperlink’s process is to fly thru the entire rings at the method down. So long as it’s a hit, the Sihajog Shrine shall be unlocked regardless of how lengthy it takes. In an effort to protected the sanctuary, it’s essential to use the paraglider liberally and to not dive at complete pace in this first flight.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sihajog Shrine Skydiving Time Trial Wing Suit Fallen

As soon as the shrine is published, the Steward Assemble tells Hyperlink he can take a look at once more – and if he makes it to the ground in underneath 35 seconds, he’s going to get a distinct praise. The use of a work of the Float armor set can move a ways in shaving seconds off Hyperlink’s skydive document Tears of the Kingdom, however it’s not vital. Hyperlink beneficial properties pace remarkably briefly when gamers grasp the R button to dive sooner. If Hyperlink appears to be lacking a hoop, do not be afraid to drag the glider, reorient, after which dive once more – you will not lose an excessive amount of time.

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If Hyperlink manages to damage this document, the Steward Assemble rewards the Float Masks, which equalizes it higher keep watch over over the participant’s actions within the air, however most effective comes with a base-2 protection. It’s a lovely masks similar to an owl or different chickenand it certain shall be Tears of the Kingdom Fashionistas will need to observe it down.

What is within the Sihajog Shrine chest?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sihajog Shrine Chest Raurus Blessing Diamond

After getting into the Sihajog Shrine, gamers will see the Shrine Chest immediately in entrance of them and the statue of Rauru and Sonia immediately at the back of it. Since this can be a Raurus Blessing Shrine, gamers most effective want to entire the skydiving route as there’s no particular puzzle inside of. Throughout the chest, gamers will discover a Diamond, one of the most rarest and most precious gem stones within the sport. It’s price a pleasing 500 rupees — and one of the most easiest issues about duplicating Tears of the Kingdom on account of this. The Gentle of Blessing for Sihajog Shrine is received after interacting with the Zonai Terminal on the most sensible of the steps past.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had at the Nintendo Transfer.

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