June 6, 2023

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  • Location of the Mayahisik Shrine
  • Mayahisik Shrine Walkthrough (Raurus Blessing)

Even though Raurus Blessing Shrines do not be offering avid gamers a puzzle to resolve inside of, there’s a unexpected quantity of selection in this kind of shrine Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Shrine. The Mayahisik Shrine does now not have many necessities. It does now not take a look at avid gamers’ talents, nor can it most effective be unlocked by way of transporting a Inexperienced Crystal.

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As a substitute, the Mayahisik Shrine is published to avid gamers in certainly one of two tactics: via a reasonably hidden mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom highlighting cave places, or by way of proceeding the Purah Pad quest line within the Hateno Village Analysis Lab. Both approach, as soon as Hyperlink unearths it, all he has to do is head inside of to search out the Mayahisik Treasure Chest and the Mild of Blessing.

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Location of the Mayahisik Shrine

Zelda Tears of Kingdom Mayahisik Shrine Location Retsam Forest Cave Necluda Satori Mystery

Inside of is the Mayahisik Shrine Retsam Woodland Collapse East Necluda, a location typically inaccessible to avid gamers, however there’s little proof of its life. It is only beneath Hateno Village Analysis Lab, also referred to as Hateno Historic Tech Lab, east of Hateno Village. Simply sooner than getting into the lab at the hill, avid gamers will have to see a curved ramp main up, with steep drops on each side.

The Retsam Woodland Cave connects the 2 facets of this ramp and is blocked by way of destructible rocks at each entrances. Cross to the interior of that ramp, the wall reverse the lab, and search for the ones destructible bricks. Having access to the Mayahisik Shrine is so simple as activating and getting into the shrine. Then again, avid gamers will have to both proceed Robbie’s quest within reach or whole a hidden function on a close-by hilltop to expose his location and in addition get some great additional rewards.

Mayahisik Shrine Walkthrough (Raurus Blessing)

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mayahisik Shrine location Satori sacrifice reveals Cave Apple

The Mayahisik Shrine is positioned at (3751, -2035, 0192) within the Retsam Woodland Cave. To determine this in-game knowledge, avid gamers will have to cross to the highest of a close-by hill, southwest of the Hateno Historic Analysis Lab. At Coordinates (3356, -2483, 0280)avid gamers see a spot to make an providing. Drop an apple right here – identical to Hyperlink did for a Korok seed breath of the wildis the model of Kakariko Village.

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Then again, a Korok does now not seem. As a substitute, some of the recreation’s maximum majestic creatures seems out of nowhere and marks within reach caves for Hyperlink. The satori who seems like the lord of the mountain Tears of the KingdomThe predecessor will Summon beams of blue mild to mark the place to search out underground caves.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Location of Mayahisik Shrine Satori Offering Research Lab Hateno Village Secret

From the highest of the hill, fly Hyperlink’s paraglider northeast against the Hateno Village Analysis Lab. At the ramp main up, avid gamers will have to see two of the Satori Lighting fixtures on each side of the trail – head against this type of to search out the doorway to Retsam Woodland Cave, each side paintings. As soon as avid gamers achieve the Mayahisik Shrine, head inside of to search out the Shrine Chest and a Mild of Blessing without a extra puzzles to resolve.

What is within the Mayahisik Shrine chest?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mayahisik Shrine Location Treasure Chest Reward Magic Scepter

The Mayahisik Shrine chest accommodates a magic scepterwhich is a extra tough model of the Magic Rod Gamers can to find statues of Wizrobes and Poe Bargainer within the depths during Hyrule. Just like the magic wand, the magic scepter will also be fused with sure gemstones to liberate new powers inside of them. For instance, a wand fused with an opal will shoot balls of water, whilst a wand fused with a topaz will shoot balls of lightning.

Then cross to the again of the shrine to gather the Mild of Blessing Use Ascend simply out of doors the door to get to the Hateno Village Analysis Lab somewhat sooner. As soon as inside of, avid gamers will have to discuss to Robbie, who will ask Hyperlink to make use of his new Purah Pad sensor module to research an area cave. Having already completed so, Robbie will probably be inspired with Hyperlink and the sensor quest line will finish as soon as it begins.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had at the Nintendo Transfer.

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