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  • Honey Bee Mine drummer location
  • The place to search out racer bee honey

There are a handful of quests Tears of the Kingdom who’re related to a touring musical troupe referred to as the Strong Trotters. The gang of musicians meet on the Wooded area Strong, however a number of contributors are lacking – Hyperlink has to commute a ways to trace down the rest contributors, however they do not simply drop by way of. Every gives a singular quest that on occasion contains their rescue as smartly.

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Honey, Bee Mine is one such quest Tears of the Kingdom with the participation of the drummer of the Strong Trotters. The drummer will also be heard from fairly a distance, which is able to lead without delay to his location when approached. It sends the participant off searching for honey, however Hyperlink can save a while by way of searching for bees – or finishing some other musician’s quest – ahead of making his approach to the drummer Tears of the Kingdom.

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Honey Bee Mine drummer location

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Honey Bee Mine Musician Quest Location

The NPC gamers will need to be aware of this named Beetz – a becoming identify for a drummer. From the village of Kakarikowhich is itself within the mountains a couple of mins southwest of Lookout Touchdown, Observe the street that is going west previous the village till there’s a curve. Round this curve the gamers will have to Listen the sound of a rhythmic drumbeat – Different NPCs within the house may supply clues to the positioning, comparable to a Gerudo traveler asking Hyperlink concerning the drumming.

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Observe the sound or simply climb the rocky cliffs Succeed in coordinates (2166, -1382, 0108). Right here gamers will in finding the supply of the sound, the drummer Beetz, whose identify additionally alludes to his quest purpose. Beetz needs to make some crepes, however wishes honey. There are two tactics gamers can way this quest: by way of accumulating Courser Bee Honey within the wilds, or by way of finishing some other Strong Trotter-related quest close to Rito Village.

The place to search out racer bee honey

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Musician Quest Racer Racer Bee Honey Mine

The primary, and arguably the very best, manner of acquiring Courser Bee Honey is to easily stroll thru a woodland and search for honeycombs protruding of the tree branches above. Then again, after Hyperlink grabs this kind of, bees would possibly swarm him till he can break out. There are lots of timber close to the drummerso Hyperlink can poke round slightly with out going too a ways.

Then again, if gamers need to handle them extra successfully Tears of the Kingdom quests there may be some other musician who wishes lend a hand close to Tabantha Bridge. The Strong Trotters bugler has fallen right into a pit and desires Hyperlink’s lend a hand to get out. Discovered on Coordinates (-3644, 0768, 0117)Degree The hunt The Hornist’s Dramatic Get away rewards precisely 3 Courser Bee Honey. It additionally brings Hyperlink one step nearer to completely reuniting the band.

After bringing the Renner bee honey again to Beetz, he’ll feel free and Give Hyperlink a silver rupee price 100 rupees. As already discussed, he’ll additionally cross and Rejoin the Strong Trotters on the Wooded area Strong. The belief of Honey, Bee Mine advances the troupe’s overarching tale.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had for the Nintendo Transfer.

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