May 27, 2022

He walks out the gate with new company and then Sweep appears. Founded in 2020, the company raised a $22 million Series A round a few months ago and today announced a $73 million Series B round. The company has invaded with a carbon management platform. She hit a sweet spot in a world of large corporations that announced they were ready to save the planet, but then were left scratching their heads, not understanding exactly how their progress, tracking, and reporting would apply.

Rachel Delacour, co-founder and CEO of the company, sold her previous startup Zendesk and had so many changes left that she no longer needed to work.

“After the acquisition, I could just be with my kids and enjoy life and just hang out,” Delacour told me, adding that it’s not his style, especially with a talented team and potential clients, with access to networks and funding. “How do you see yourself in the mirror? “Let’s use our energy and access to the right people around the world to try to do our part to reduce CO2 emissions and preserve what’s left of climate resilience.”

Sweep CEO and co-founder Rachel Delacour. image credit: sweep away

Sweep successfully pioneered an enterprise carbon management platform that helped them create a science-based, data-driven climate program.

I[Our customers] He told us: “We made vows on paper, and now we don’t know where to start.” These companies are not new, they are not digital. In Europe, the reality is that we have companies and manufacturers that are over 100 years old,” says Delacour. “You automate what can be automated, humanize what can be humanized to keep your employees engaged. We invite all of you to join the SVEEP platform to join the carbon conversation.”

SWEP produces reports that follow various reporting protocols to make it easier for companies to monitor indoor and outdoor climate space and to highlight issues and challenges. Company leaders are particularly enthusiastic about collective action that ensures everyone shares their share of the responsibility for preventing climate disasters. The platform’s networked approach to carbon management is helping companies decarbonize global supply chains, including multinational giants like St. Gobain’s and JCDCox.

In addition to Coatue leading the round, existing investors Balderton Capital, New Wave, La Famiglia and 2050 also took part in the round.

“As companies meet their climate commitments, they need data and science-based solutions to move forward,” said Coatue founder Philippe Lafont. “We believe that Sweep is the leading technology in this competitive environment, effectively supporting sustainability efforts, from measurement and targeting to mitigation and reporting. The European founders have long been at the forefront of climate innovation and Coatyu is delighted to join SVEEP on this journey.

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