May 25, 2022

French startup Spacefill has raised $27 million (€25 million) in funding led by NGP Capital, which also includes Maersk Growth and existing investors Eurazio and La Famiglia. The company is building a warehouse cloud in several European countries that provides flexibility and transparency.

SpaceFill doesn’t work with e-commerce companies that try to store items before they ship to customers. Instead, the company focuses exclusively on the B2B side of the industry, which is arguably the larger side of the industry. You can compare Spacefill to Flex and Stored, but Spacefill is focused on Europe.

The company has built a network of 1,500 warehouses connected by a single orchestration software layer. This layer of software acts as a kind of control room for your inventory and logistics strategy.

These warehouses are third party logistics providers who have chosen to allocate a portion of their warehouse space to SpaceFill customers. They can still serve their customers, but SpaceFill makes it easier for them to fill the rest of the warehouse.

Spacefoil, on the other hand, acts as a long-term logistics partner. Instead of working with a traditional logistics outsourcing company, SpaceFill becomes your logistics partner.

Customers can take advantage of SpaceFill’s network for cross-docking operations, which means one truck can deliver multiple items to a warehouse, allowing multiple trucks to pick up a small amount of those items and transport them to another location.

Spacefill also handles changes in capacity needs, which can be especially useful for your seasonal strategy. Just like cloud storage, you can easily store more stuff (and pay more) or reduce storage capacity if you need less storage space.

“In the logistics industry, the technology stack is too outdated and too difficult to plug in,” co-founder and CEO Maxim Khuzar told me. “We have created a one-of-a-kind power adapter that connects to the entire network.”

SpaceFill currently serves 500 customers such as Ikea, Angel Bikes and Leroy Merlin. The company employs 60 people and generates more than 10 million euros in revenue. The company plans to hire 80 more employees to improve its platform and expand its network.

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