June 3, 2023

The South Sea Moor in Hogwarts legacy has many mysteries that avid gamers can in finding within the wetlands of the area, without reference to being rather smaller than maximum explorable places within the recreation. Those mysteries come with the 4 treasure rooms hidden across the map, and every calls for the participant to stay their wits about them with the intention to get admission to the treasure and loot stashes – occasionally in undeniable sight.

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Even though the South Sea Moor is small, its puzzles are surely robust – Hogwarts legacy Avid gamers must be between stage 20 and 40 to perfect get ready for exploring the area. In a similar fashion, a small collection of spells is needed to search out the treasure within the treasuries hidden across the space. Those spells come with Accio, Depulso, Glacius, Wingardium Leviosa and Alohomora III.


Treasury #1

Treasury 1 South Bog Sea Hogwarts Legacy

This treasury is positioned south of Southsea Marsh and south of the Flea Flame of northern Southsea Marsh. Additionally it is rather east of an Inferni hideout. This vault additionally calls for the participant to have get admission to to Accio or Depulso with the intention to get admission to the treasure.

To get admission to the vault, avid gamers must use one of the most above Accio or Depulso spells to open the vault door. After opening the doorways, the praise awaits within.

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Treasury #2

Treasure Vault 2 South Bog Sea Hogwarts Legacy

This treasury is positioned close to the East South Sea Bathroom Floo Flame within the southeast area and calls for the participant to grasp Wingardium Leviosa and Glacius.

Initially, avid gamers must pass to the small sq. southwest of the vault’s front, the place a dice might be looking forward to them – Revelio will lend a hand right here if the dice is hard to search out. After discovering the dice, use Wingardium Leviosa to transport the dice onto the slab this is in entrance of the vault. As soon as it is in position, avid gamers must solid Glacius at the dice to open the vault.

As soon as the vault is open and the participant is going within, they’re going to discover a pile of skeletal stays within the some distance proper space of ​​the room. Destroying this blockage will make them cave in, however the use of Wingardium Leviosa will form them right into a staircase, which the participant can then use to get admission to the treasure that awaits above.

Treasury #3

Treasury 3 South Sea Bog Hogwarts Legacy

This treasury is positioned close to the middle of the Southseas Bathroom area and rather southeast of the northern Southseas Bathroom Flea Flame. No spells are strictly required, however Depulso might be helpful for avid gamers to grasp previously.

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As soon as avid gamers succeed in the positioning of this treasury, they’re going to realize a big pile of rocks blockading the doorway to the treasury. All they’ve to do is spoil the rocks – as soon as they are damaged, avid gamers can get into the vault and take the treasure that is looking forward to them.

Treasury #4

Treasury 4 South Sea Bog Hogwarts Legacy

The overall vault is underground within the huge expanses of the South Sea Bathroom area, some distance down south from the Northern South Sea Bathroom Floo Flame. This vault additionally calls for avid gamers to grasp the Alohomora III spell – with out this, avid gamers can not input in any respect.

As soon as avid gamers succeed in the vault, they must use the Alohomora III spell to pick out the lock at the door. Within the room the door unlocks, there’s a mini whirlwind within the middle of the room with an archway on all sides. Avid gamers wish to pass instantly into the whirlwind after which pass to the archway at the proper. From there, observe the following whirlwind and every other, 3rd whirlwind will seem ahead of the archway at the left. If you happen to catch the remaining typhoon, the treasure will seem.

Hogwarts legacy is to be had now for PS5, Xbox Sequence S|X and PC. PS4, Xbox One and Transfer variations are these days in construction.

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