May 26, 2022

Investment in climate technology is growing almost as fast as climate change itself. In 2021 Climate startups have received more than 40 billion dollars Over 600 transactions. This is more than double the capital investment in 2020.

As if S&P Global recently reportedCorporate sustainability efforts are becoming increasingly critical of investors, regulators and the general public, bringing to the attention of companies that they do treat them differently. As a result, many corporate venture capital firms, especially those with strong environmental and social governance (ESG) policies, are showing increasing interest in climate change technology startups.

Our existential climate crisis, the climate technologies that can mitigate it, and the venture capitalists committed to funding it will intersect in two different presentations. TC Sessions: Climate 2022 (Courtesy of Extreme Tech Challenge) June 14 in Berkeley, California.

We are pleased to announce that Amy Burr, President of JetBlue Technology Ventures (JTV), and Pe Wu, SOSV Partner and CTO of Indibio, will be joining two separate panels on Climate Technology Investment, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ESG. Lead.

Burr is leading JTV at a time when JetBlue has taken tangible steps to reduce its impact on climate change and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040. In other efforts, and a first for JetBlue, the company is now joining ESG target bonuses For your senior leaders.

As Chairman, Burr sets the strategic direction for JetBlue’s investments and facilitates the integration of successful start-up programs into the airline’s overall innovation initiatives. Examples of JTV portfolio companies are Joby (publicly traded), Lacuna, Turnkey (acquired) and Universal Hydrogen.

Prior to joining JTV, one of the original founders of Virgin America, Burr worked for VX in several senior positions and led the merger and integration with Alaska Airlines.

At both SOSV and IndieBio, Wu is responsible for portfolio management and technical oversight. She focuses on funding early climate startups and tracking trends and times in hot climate industries. Examples of COBO portfolio companies are Epix, New Age Meets, Perfect Day and Re-Newable.

Prior to joining Indibio, Wu was Scientific Director of Alpha Telefonica’s Moonshot factory in Barcelona. His previous career includes positions as Director of Science for the US Office of Naval Research (Global) and Technical Advisor for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to JTV’s Amy Burr and SOSV’s Pe Wu. You will better understand how and why you should create ESG policies in your startup from day one when it comes to investing in climate technology.

TC Sessions: Climate 2022 There is a growing wave of startups, techs, scientists and engineers looking to save our planet, and of course the investors who are funding them. Meet us in person on June 14 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Auditorium. Register now and save $200I

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